Rocking on the Party Boat

The Mediterranean hosts hundreds of mind-blowingly beautiful islands with many attractions. Some of the islands have gained an international reputation extending to all corners of the world, whereas some kept it more intimate, but no less better! When you sail the coast of Turkey and other Greek islands, you will agree, that it is not all about Santorini and Mykonos!

Sailing the Dodecanese
The liveliest and prettiest boat in its region, the Party Boat is soon to set sail. On a Greek island tour or a Turkey tour, there are many stops you will enjoy, but the Party Boat takes the fun notch to a new level. The boat will fill up with like-minded people, stroll through the Mediterranean with many swimming stops to detox, and dock at a different port every day to give you a taste of everything.
If you have never been to the Cyclades, because your sail Greece or sail Turkey tour skipped it, here is a chance to find out about some of the things waiting for you!

The pretty town of Bodrum has grown into a very popular holiday resort, for both locals and foreigners, and the reasons are obvious as you set foot. A crazy nightlife with countless restaurants, bars and clubs, crystal clear waters with a constant cool breeze and the warm summer sun… But the best party around, is the last farewell party on the Party Boat, just unforgettable.

A part of Greece, Kos is quite famous with its nightlife as well! The Nafklirou street is extremely popular, people flock the streets and bring the party outside with the mix of all sorts of music from the bars around. Don’t get lost as the party goes on into the late night, it is worth it! Also during the day, Lambi beach might get crowded, but it has just the right atmosphere to cool down.

This island lies out of the ordinary that you get used to. It is very cute, warm, classy and fun. You will spot many fine seafood restaurants along the coastline, all serving delicious recipes; however the traditional Greek taverns are the best among them. So don’t lose your patience and cave in too soon. After dinner, bars with delicious cocktails await! Some Greece tours seem to miss Symi, a truly huge miss.

One of the best preserved landmarks of the Medieval ages, the Rhodes castle is breath-taking. The capital of its region, Rhodes is a large islands with a few settlements. Once you are filled up with medieval culture, hit the fancy bars and clubs of Rhodes. You may even get a chance to party in an old castle like I did! If you are into sailing Turkey and Greece, Rhodes is a must stop.

Just as a brother to Bodrum, Marmaris has a growing reputation among many foreigners as a charming summer town. There are countless bars, restaurants and local attractions. Each bay around the area is a stunning natural beauty. With the summer crowd, the party always goes on. It is also a popular port for many Turkey sailing tours.

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