Roaming Moscow and St. Petersburg

Among the unique cultural heritages in Europe is most certainly held by Russia. The huge country had plenty of different cultures under its roof and benefited from this in terms of enriching its cultural treasures.

You must have heard how incredible and amazing a Russia tour is from a friend already. But, I will get into more detail than that, thanks to my wonderful Highlights of Russia experience with Travel Talk. There is not enough time on the world to see every corner of Russia, but the essentials, Moscow and St. Petersburg, make up for most of it! Here are the best of my Russia trip:

Kremlin – Moscow

With such popularity, it became synonymous with Moscow. It is the residence of generations of Russian rulers, with enough history to occupy any traveler for a few days. Even though two thirds of the building is closed to public, the remaining will make your worthwhile.

Red Square – Moscow

Like a mirror reflected to the past of Moscow, the world-famous square is surrounded with architectural beauties of different cultures. On the west lies the Kremlin, and on the south is the St. Basil’s Cathedral. Another landmark to see and discover!

Gorky Park – Moscow

The cultural landmarks are countless in Moscow and St. Petersburg, so I will try to avoid the most-popular ones. Gorky Park to Moscow is what the Hyde Park is to London. The first park of the Soviet times, the park has many facilities for sport and entertainment. Now the concept is a bright spot of modern Moscow with stalls, shops, kiosks and fun atmosphere.

Church of the Savior on Blood – St Petersburg

The mind-blowingly beautiful and full of history church was built on the ground where emperor Alexander II was assassinated, and was dedicated in his memory. Baroque and neoclassical features are dominant, for the architecture lovers. The walls and ceiling are covered with charming detailed mosaics.

Hermitage – St Petersburg

Last on the least, but certainly not the least, is one of the oldest and largest museums of the world, founded in 1764. The small part of the items in the site on display add up to over three million. Entrance is free first Thursday of every month, keep in mind! It can’t be missed! A gem for any Russia tour.

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