Not keen on the thought of being herded around a foreign country with a bunch of strangers? For those who have only ever travelled solo, is it a sense of accomplishment navigating your own way around? Or preference for flexibility in the planning of your itinerary? Sure, group tours are not for some, but there’s a number of reasons why you should try a group tour in 2016. We might just change your mind.

1. Travel with like-minded travellers 

So you’ve booked an Egypt tour, for example? While you may be daunted initially at the fact you’re going on an organised group holiday, when you arrive in Cairo, there’s going to be a group of friendly faces waiting. Travel Talkers typically share a common mind-set and interests. You’re all there to experience this amazing country and if you’re travelling solo, a group tour is a great way to make new friends.

2. Safety

Safety in numbers they say. It’s true that travelling in a group means your possessions and valuables are less likely to be targeted by thieves. There’s usually someone else you know laying on the sand who can ‘watch your stuff’ while you take a swim in the ocean.

There are some destinations which you may be hesitant visiting as a solo traveller, particularly if you’re a female. There may also be countries with high levels of crime, political unrest or terrorism threats, for example. On a group tour there’s that added security and guidance/reassurance from your local tour guide. Plus, if you were unlucky enough to catch a stomach bug or get stung by a jellyfish, your guide is there to help. Safety first, guys.

3. Value for money 

With the bulk purchasing power of a tour company like Travel Talk, we can offer the best price and value for money. Whether you’re sailing in Greece or Croatia or on a coach in Turkey and Morocco, travelling on a tour can be the most cost effective means of transportation. You’re also staying in 4- and 5-star accommodation! Not too shabby compared to your hostel bunk, hey?

With the tour booked and paid for before you arrive, it is also easier to budget. When looking at the optional extras such as quad bike riding or hot air ballooning, its clear what additional expenses you are up for. Just remember to add a little extra to the kitty if you are a shopping fiend.

4. Knowledge and expertise of a local guide

The majority of our tour guides are so passionate about Travel Talk, they have been with us for years! Most are locals and all registered with the relevant tourism board. On a group tour, you have such a wealth of knowledge at your disposal the whole time. You may want to know about something’s religious significance, how to speak the language or even where the closest ATM is located – tour guides are there to help and have a good time.

5. See more of a destination 

Anyone would agree the best way to see a destination is like a local. By avoiding the tourist traps, you’re also avoiding the overpriced food, drinks and souvenirs. Your experienced tour guide knows the lingo and the best places to eat, drink and shop. Some of the greatest memories could be in a cool hidden bar down an alley in Spain or playing a game of backgammon at a local Turkish cafe.

6. Convenience 

It’s no denying that it would be difficult to book a bus on an Arabic website or communicate to a waiter you have a food allergy when you can’t speak the language. How about stressing that you need to pack your bags at the hostel because you have to depart early the next morning? With a group tour, the itinerary is already organised, accomodation booked, bus revved up ready to go and despite what we say, we will wait for you if you’re running late. That wouldn’t happen if you travel solo. With no worries to be had, you can kick back and relax.

Convinced yet?

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