Unveiling the Benefits: Top Reasons Why You Should Take a Tour

Devising the impeccable travel adventure contains making a lot of choices. For those first timers or those new to travel this can be a little daunting. Deciding on where to go, how to get there, which part of the city to stay in and how much money to take with you can all be a little too much.  Fear not! You can make decisions easier by taking a tour.  The hard part is choosing which tour/s to go on. Travel Talk for example has three Morocco tours so choosing which tour suits you best and ticks all your travel boxes, is the difficult stage. Once done, the rest of it is a breeze.

Here are 8 reasons why you should take a tour:

1. Transport and accommodation is already organised

The worry of how to get to from place to place and where to stay each night is all taken care of. It is very convenient, easy and economical which means less planning for you and more time to concentrate on the destination you’re at and the atmosphere around you. Take it all in! Travel Talk offers 4 and 5-star accommodations; air-conditioned buses and various other modes of transport depending on the tour so, even though you may be a backpacker, you’re not treated like one.

hotel's swimming pool

2. Ideal for solo travellers

Travelling solo, especially for the first time can be an intimidating process. The overwhelmed feeling revs into gear, self-doubt starts to linger, and then suddenly the entire travelling alone thing just seems too much to handle and deal with.  This is when a group tour comes in to save the day. It allows you to travel solo without actually being solo. You’re surrounded by people, so the safety concern is sorted.  If, once finished the tour, you may then feel more comfortable to spread your wings and trek through new destinations by yourself but, group tours will always be there you.

Travellers taken photo in Cappadocia

3. The people

Without a doubt, the people that you meet on a tour can end up turning into lifelong mates. You have a lot in common with these people as you’re all travellers and you’re there for the same reason, you’re in a similar age bracket, you generally have a similar outlook on life and you get to share a great adventure. Basically, you get to make epic memories with epic people.

Women on men shoulders and they are in the sea and yelling

4. You get to see a lot within a time frame

When travelling, time can be a factor especially if you have a deadline.  Tours give you the opportunity to see a lot, within a time frame. You get to see a place, its culture, treasures, and big sites, taste the cuisine, blend with the locals and then you’re off again. Essentially, you get to sample the very best of a place and what it has to offer.

People taken photo in front of the balloons in Cappadocia

5. Money matters

Taking a tour is good value for money. You’re able to take an epic trip that has amazing inclusions, experienced guides, a unique itinerary, premium accommodation and good transport. You could perhaps do it yourself for less but, you may not get the same quality of experience. Tours are ideal as they hand pick everything to make sure it’s the best value without breaking the bank.

People swimming in Croatia's bay in front of yatch

6. Experience

Tour guides are a massive part of anyone’s trip. They can either make or break a tour. But don’t worry, Travel Talk’s tour guides are not only passionate about the destinations but are mostly born and raised there meaning they’re locals! This is a massive bonus for you as you receive expert information and doors will be opened for you that are closed to the everyday tourist. This is what we mean by getting the real experience.

Travel Talk guide

7. Safety

They always say safety is in numbers and lucky for you if you take a tour, you’re all sorted! No matter which destination you’re in, someone will always have your back. Also, as the tour guides are local to the country, they know all the ins and outs of keeping you safe, where to go, not where to go and general recommendations of the area you’re visiting. It’s very handy indeed! So, stress less and roam freely.

People entertaining around fire on the beach

8. Independence

Even though you may be in a group tour doing epic things such as camel trekking, taking a jeep safari or cruising down the Nile on a Felucca, there are plenty of opportunities to go your own way if you crave your solo time. Even though there is an itinerary, which is fab to know where you’re going next and when, the tours by Travel Talk have been carefully put together, so you’ll always have the option to wander the paths at leisure, try a new restaurant for dinner, look through a museum or simply just ponder life on the beach front.

Omiš and the zip line located above the canyon of the crystal clear River Cetina.

So, you’re interested in taking a tour? Travel Talk goes to an array of destinations which vary in duration. You can find out about them here.

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