5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Russia

Russia is best known for being the world’s largest country. Making up over a seventh of the earth’s entire land mass, it’s hardly surprising that the country should be so culturally, historically and visually diverse.

It’s precisely this diversity and element of the unexpected that appeals to intrepid travellers, eager to identify the true personality of this fascinating land. Spanning eight time zones and boasting a hugely variable climate (subtropical heat of Sochi in the south to the freezing Arctic terrain of Siberia), Russia is a country that is guaranteed to intrigue and amaze, for all the right reasons.

If you’re looking to visit, there are some excellent tours to Russia that take in some of the strangest locations and captivating sights.

Russia is undeniably one of the most fascinating countries to explore on a tour. If you’re tempted by one of the many excellent tours to Russia on offer, then allow us to inspire you further with these quirky facts about the country! Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Russia.

It Boasts The Largest City In Europe

Many people believe that London, or perhaps Paris, hold the title for being the largest city in Europe. In actual fact, the largest by population is officially Moscow, with around ten and a half million citizens. It’s unsurprising that the city features on many Russia tours; as it’s an intoxicating blend of historic culture and lively modernity. Visitors will, of course, be captivated by the candy-shop colours of St Basil’s Cathedral, and the sheer scale of the imposing Red Square.

St Petersburg Was Once The Capital Of Russia

St Petersburg, another of Russia’s most famous cities, was once also its capital. The city was founded by Tsar Peter the Great; one of Russia’s most famous rulers; who led the country to greatness, creating a formidable navy, a reformed army and new territorial areas across the entire length of the country. In its heyday, the city was dubbed ‘the Venice of the North’ and its architectural beauty was the stuff of legend.

Vodka Was, In Fact, First Invented In Poland

The country’s most famous alcoholic beverage was, in fact, first created in Poland, not in Russia. However, there’s no denying that the Russians took the formula and improved it to perfection, making it one of the most popular and widely consumed spirits in the world. If you want to discover more about this intoxicatingly pleasant drink, visit Moscow’s Vodka Museum!

The Russian Winter

Don’t be afraid of the Russian winters! Yes, it gets cold, but brave the snow, because it will be worth it. You will see a world that looks straight out of a fairy-tale book and you will experience one of the most crucial elements of Russian history.

Amazing photo opportunities

There’s perfect weather with blue skies in the warmer months, and in those colder months St. Petersburg is known for record-breaking icicles, which make for beautiful photos at a distance. With a light dusting of snow, Russia is the definition of picturesque. With the Griboedov Canal right next to it, the Church of the Savior on Blood is breath-taking both outside and inside, day or night.

Tour Russia & Experience A Holiday Like No Other!

If you’re looking to book a tour of this endlessly surprising and thoroughly fascinating country, then pay a visit to our website where our Highlights of Russia tour encompasses some of the most famous and interesting sights in the country – you won’t be disappointed.

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