15 Realities About Croatia

Known for its medieval architecture, balmy climate, mountainous terrain, azure waters, dreamy island getaways, delicious wine and spectacular beaches, Croatia is a sun-drenched coastal paradise. Croatia is your Mediterranean fantasy and we think it is best revealed by boat.

Here are 15 realities about Croatia.

  • Croatia has a bucket load of islands – 1246 islands to be exact
  • Love sunshine? Croatia gets 2,715 hours of sunshine per year
  • The dog breed, Dalmatian comes from Croatia
  • Croatia is not called “Croatia” in Croatian. It’s called Hrvatska 
  • Croatia is home to the globe’s smallest town called “Hum” with a population that changes between 17 and 23
  • If you’re a GOT fan, head to Dubrovnik. Seasons 2 and 3 showcased Croatia’s most well-known city, the coastal fortress of Dubrovnik, which was chosen as King’s Landing
  • Around 10% of Croatia is made up of nature parks – 8 national parks and 2 nature reserves
  • Croatia invented the necktie
  • Croatian Slavoljub Penkala invented a mechanical pencil in 1906 called the Penkala. Today, it’s call a pen
  • It has the largest amount of UNSECO intangible goods of any European nation. These include wooden toy carvings, lace making and gingerbread baking
  • The amphitheatre, located in Pula is one of only 3 preserved in the world and the 6th largest amphitheatre in existence
  • Dubrovnik was first defined as the “pearl of the Adriatic” by English poet, Lord Byron and is still known by that name today
  • Their currency, the Kuna, is named after ferret-like rodent valued for its fur
  • While most of Croatia is, safe there are some parts that have hidden land mines, which haven’t been removed yet
  • The oldest university of Croatia is the University of Zagreb, which was founded in 1669

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