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Premium Adventures With Perfect Balance Of Activity and Comfort...

Soak up the magical atmosphere while we take you on life transforming adventures and exhilarating experiences without breaking the bank. Travel Talk ensures you will get the best value for money yet benefit from higher standards of luxury. We go to great lengths to offer you affordable tours yet provide comfortable, safe and modern transportation, expert tour guides, extra meals, guided sightseeing and other various activities whilst basking in the local atmosphere and traditions of the destination. We believe in offering you unique and off beat tours but at the same time delivering exceptional accommodation and amenities whether it is superior hotels, sterile desert camps, safe tree houses or specially selected boats. Premium adventures simply ensure that you get the most out of your travel whilst delivering exceptional service that surpasses your expectations.



  • 5 and 4 star hotels throughout the Middle East

  • 5, 4 and superior 3 star hotels throughout Europe

  • “A” category deluxe cruise boats on sailing tours

  • 5 star Nile Cruise boats in Egypt

  • Extensive sightseeing provided by licensed guides

  • Upgraded “comfort” style transportation

  • More meals, amazing authentic food

  • More inclusions. Less funds.

Premium Hotels

Travel Talk provides a high standard of accommodation selected primarily for its comfort, character and location, to ensure you get the best out of an area whilst enjoying top quality hospitality.



At Travel Talk we go the extra mile in promising to bring travellers high quality, value for money, accommodation. We believe in great comfort, service and character ranging from superior hotels to true 5 star hotels. We consider comfort and quality being two of the most important factors when choosing accommodation and without expectation; all Travel Talk hotels are chosen for their high quality luxury hotels ensure an extra special stay. We work very hard to offer the highest quality service while providing for all your needs. We can ensure you that the places you stay meet our highest standards of cleanliness, modern facilities and friendly hospitality. As part of our service we also offer private facilities, TV, telephones, breakfast daily and often other meals throughout the itinerary are included.



You’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of the exceptional hotel facilities during your stay. Most of our hotels boast a range of guest facilities such as bars and restaurants offering you a wide selection of local and international drinks and food. After an amazing day of sightseeing it’s a perfect excuse to relax over a well-deserved drink and to enjoy a few laughs with your fellow travellers. A vast majority of our summer hotels also have incredible swimming pools where you can enjoy a refreshing dip and relax by the poolside after a hot summer’s day exploring.Whether it is uninterrupted panoramic views of the Red Sea Gulf or the amazing landscapes of Moroccan sand dunes, you will be surrounded by the most stunning natural beauty while staying in our carefully selected hotels. We provide an atmosphere that blends traditional accommodation with comforts and beauty to meet the needs of every traveller.



We choose unique, traditional places in fantastic locations, whether you stay at the foot of a forested mountain, at a thermal spring hotel or become immersed in a genuine Bedouin atmosphere, we have your journey of a lifetime sorted. Along the way you’ll get to experience the destination through the eyes of the locals. With a blend of tradition and hotel style comfort, we give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic world. Instead of walking into a hotel lobby, you’ll walk into a beautiful Bedouin camp in the Sahara, a Nomad camp in Chigaga or a desert camp in Wadi Rum. Spend an unforgettable night under the stars and surrounded by an array of breath taking landscapes. All camps are clean, friendly and well-run with great food and remarkable service, where you will get involved in desert activities such as camel riding, jeep tours and hiking. We also provide you the opportunity to mingle with the locals by staying in local village houses in Morocco or get the chance to live out your childhood dream by spending a night sleeping in a real tree house along the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

Premium Sailing

Whether it be on one of our specially selected motor yachts, replica pirate ships or traditional Gulets or Feluccas; you will always be sailing in style and comfort with Travel Talk. We are renowned for the high standard of our boats, the food we provide on tours and for the incredible hospitality of our boat crews.  



We often hear that sailing with Travel Talk is one of the most memorable experiences of people's travels. We have done the hard work for you, so the most difficult part of your day will be deciding which book to read, what bathers to wear and whether you feel like a Pina Colada, beer or a glass of local wine. A variety of our tours provide you the opportunity to sail down the rivers of the Nile like a true Nubian, to cruise on the most tranquil waters of the Mediterranean and to just kick back and relax as you take in the stunning sights along the way. Or choose to explore some of the most fascinating sites, enjoy the crystal clear turquoise waters and discover breath taking views on our “A” category deluxe boats in Croatia and Greece. We believe in offering you the best, therefore all of our cabins on our “A” category boats are above deck and all have ensuite facilities for the same price you’d pay anywhere else for a cabin below deck with shared bathrooms. You can definitely count on us to continually provide top quality comfort at affordable rates.

  • "A” category deluxe boats

  • 5 Star Nile Cruisers

  • Accommodation in double and triple cabins with ensuite facilities

  • Air-conditioning in common areas

  • All breakfasts and lunches

  • All meals on Egypt Nile Cruise and Turkey departing & ending tours

  • Services of an English speaking experienced Travel Talk tour leader

  • Services of an experienced captain and friendly crew

  • Island orientation walks

  • Easy combination with land tours

  • Fishing and snorkelling equipment on board

  • Unbeatable prices

  • Exclusive inclusions and services

  • Unique tour routes visiting more bays, islands and sights


Real Experiences

Travel Talk has one focus, to make your trip the experience of a lifetime. That’s why our trips are designed to give you further insights into each destination rather than just a tour of the sights. All of our local managers and tour guides live and breathe the Middle East, Mediterranean and Europe and can’t wait to share their passion, knowledge and insiders’ view of the places you visit. You will discover each destination from all angles and be given expert advice from the people who know it best. They all speak the local language and will be able to provide you with an exclusive perspective by opening doors to authentic experiences that only locals could know about.





 Adventures for 18-39...

Bask in the local customs and abundant surroundings with like-minded, same aged, adventurous “Travel Talkers”. Our trips bring together similar people aged around 18-39 and from all corners of the world. Travel Talk tours are designed for those with a yearning to explore, a sense of fun and a desire to get off the beaten track. We offer you a myriad of activities, ensuring that whether you want a relaxing holiday vacation or a heart-stopping, action-packed trip you will find it with Travel Talk. From the moment you arrive, we want to make sure you have the best time possible and that’s the focus of all our tours.




Price and Value

Travel Talk aims to give you an unforgettable experience whilst providing you the very best value for money. We continually strive to offer the most competitive prices, early bird offers and last minute deals to allow you the greatest experience for the best possible price. Our tours also include more sights, exclusive extras, optional activities and an incredible atmosphere combining comfort and modern facilities with tradition.

Unique Itineraries

We are passionate about our tour itineraries.  They are designed to provide you with unique discoveries and routes aiming to minimise the time spent travelling and maximise the variety of experiences and offer the perfect blend of must-see highlights, optional activities, freedom and flexibility. All of itineraries are researched and planned by our experts, saving you all the hassle of organising an adventure trip.

Optional Activities

Whether it is in the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or European regions, Travel Talk will provide you with the definitive guide to the vast variety of unforgettable activities. Ensuring you have the chance to personalise your trip, we offer you numerous optional activities during your tour to enhance your itinerary. Extra options include sea kayaking, hot-air ballooning, scuba diving, paragliding, jeep safari, trekking, camel safari plus a great deal more. Travel Talk accesses the best adventure and traditional activities allowing you the flexibility to suit your personal travel style.

Your Team and Tour Leaders

Behind every great Travel Talk trip is a great Travel Talk team consisting of passionate tour leaders and expert team members. Our staff are as enthusiastic about travel as you are and when you travel with us, you are going with people who really know their way around the world. With specially recruited and professionally trained tour leaders, from Egyptologists in Egypt to licensed guides in Turkey, their inside knowledge can turn an ordinary holiday into the trip of a lifetime.



We can guarantee you that our team members and tour leaders are the best and long term friendships between our guides and guests are continually formed by the end of every tour.


Nothing is more important to us than travelling in style whilst becoming immersed in the local cultural, historical and natural atmosphere of the destination. Travel Talk operates clean, safe, well maintained transportation and employs only hospitality based professional drivers. Whether it is capturing the passing scenery through panoramic windows, sitting back and relaxing in our smoke-free, comfy, air-conditioned private buses to enjoying first class trains, 4x4 jeeps and even camels, we offer you the chance to experience a variation of tours and transportation services.



Also you get the chance to sail an unforgettable journey on specially selected Feluccas, Gulets, motor yachts and 5 Star Nile Cruise boats. Be assured you will enjoy the ride and you can count on us to continually provide top quality comfort at affordable rates.

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