7 Binge-Worthy Travel Shows and Podcasts

Whether your social distancing or just dealing with the fact that Coronavirus may affect your upcoming travel plans – Here’s a list of the 7 best travel shows and podcasts to keep you busy during the downtime!

Dark Tourist

Netflix Series, Duration: Approx. 40 minutes per episode

Dark Tourist is far from your mainstream travel series. By textbook definition, the term Dark Tourism’ involves travelling to places historically associated with tragedy. While it’s quite the contrast to other travelling programs, this docu-series by a Kiwi based journalist David Farrier, dives deep into cultures and traditions from all over the world. If you’ve ever been curious about ghost-towns affected by radiation, the stories of Pablo Escobar or traditions of African Voodoo festivals… Dark Tourist is for you!

Our Planet

Netflix Series, Duration: Approx. 50 minute per episode

This one is for all the David Attenborough and wildlife documentary fans out there! Our Planet was made over four years across 50 countries and is bound to have you falling in love with mother-nature. The eight-part series focuses on the diversity that exists across all corners of the world, from the Arctic circle to the coral reefs of Asia.  Each episode brings light to the severe effects that humans and climate change are having on Our Planet. It a beautiful and timely reminder of how precious Earth is and how we as individuals can help preserve it.

Travels with my father

Netflix Series, Duration: Approx. 30 minutes per episode

Relateable, hilarious and stupid. Isn’t that all we ask for in a travel Netflix series? Travels With My Father follows comedian Jack Whitehall and his father, Michael, around ‘gap-year’ style travel adventures. The series is lighthearted, but showcases some of the famed highlights and tourist hot-spots that can’t be missed all over the world. It’s a nice reminder of all the spontaneous moments that can be shared as travellers, no matter your age!

Street Food

Netflix Series, Duration: Approx. 30 minutes per episode

Street food is not only at the heart and soul of some of our favourite cities, but a huge part of the travel experience today! One of the best parts of travelling is experiencing authentic meals that you’ve never tried before. This series highlights some of the hidden gems, both vendors and dishes, that hide amongst South-East Asia. Street Food Vendors from nine different Asian cities take you right into their small (sometimes tiny) kitchens to dish up their signature meals and share stories of family recipes. It’s the perfect binge-watch for a true foodie and traveller!

Comes with Baggage

Podcast, Duration: Approx 1 hour to 1.5 hours per episode

If a weekly episode of real-talk travel topics is your jam, Comes with Baggage is the perfect podcast for you. Hear from Kaitlyn Burke and Chris Walker-Bush on what it’s like to quit your job for travel, whether it’s better to travel in pairs or solo, and much more! If you’re not sure which episode to listen to first, we recommend you tune in the episode called ‘There is No Planet B’.

Eco Lust

Podcast, Duration: Approx. 50 Minutes per episode

Tune in as two Aussie Millennials share all their stories of struggle and triumph in the space of travel. The EcoLust podcast focuses on sustainable travel and provides plenty of tips on how to do so. ‘We want to live better – for the planet, for others, and for ourselves,’ is their motto! From travelling with only carry-on luggage to building a sustainable family, this podcast is all about inspiring avid travellers to do and live better.

What the Pho

Podcast, Duration: Approx. 30 mins – 1 hour per episode

Delivering travel hacks since 2015, What the Pho is your one-stop-shop for honest travel advice. Hosts Nick and Amy provide a radio-style travel podcast featuring fun little segments like Gameshow Facts and Language lessons. Once a month they explore a new country or culture, with hot topics like how not to get scammed or what is a free walking tour? What the Pho is the perfect podcast for travel hacks and topical issues!

Happy listening, Travel Talkers!

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