Pay Easy System

Arrange Your Budget With Ease

Here at Travel Talk we believe in always providing you with the best deal possible! That’s why “Pay Easy” is the perfect way to book tours – it eases that pressure of having to fork out all that money in one go. We know it can be hard getting your cash together to meet payment deadlines, so we have arranged for you to be able to pay a portion of the trip cost locally – allowing you to have several more weeks to save for your travels!

How It Works?

We divide the total tour cost into two payments:

1.Tour Price: The tour price is the money you pay 8 weeks before your tour.

2.Local Payment: Local payment is the remaining portion of the total trip cost that is paid in cash on day 1 of your trip to our representative at the destination. This saves you the hassle and stress of coming up with the total tour cost up front. Please check online if your tour has a local payment.

What If I Have To Cancel My Tour?

Pay Easy is also extremely helpful in the unfortunate case where you may have to cancel your tour. If you need to cancel your tour, you will not be charged for the local payment & so removes any worry of being charged for unnecessary costs.
Please remember that the local payment does not cover any extra costs like meals, entry fees, drinks, tips, personal expenses or other type of travel costs.

Benefits Of Pay Easy System

  • Get the best value for money
  • Don’t have to pay the full tour cost in one go
  • Have several more weeks to save
  • Won’t be charged unnecessary costs if you have to cancel your trip
  • Takes the hassle and stress out of paying the full amount up front

For further information, call us on +44 020  8099 95 96 or email

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