This is by far one of my European highlights. I had no idea of just what to expect when I walked through the main gates to where all the beer tents were… Now when you think of a ‘beer tent’ nothing quite prepares you for this scene… Nowhere have I ever been in a tent that holds upto 10,000 people!

When you hear ‘beerfest’ you just think lots of people getting drunk right? Well this is only part of it. Walking through the main gates in your Dirndl or Lederhose to see the tents all in a line, thousands of people all dressed up, tradional bands striking a chord and a rollercoaster in the background… well ‘beerfest’ just doesn’t quite cut it.

You definitely don’t have to be a big drinker, the atmosphere is amazing, and there is lots to do other than just drink all day (though don’t get me wrong a Mass or two is definitely in order); like all of the rides and stalls to explore, not to mention all the food to sample.

The atmosphere inside the tents is second to none; yes everyone is mostly drinking, but everyone is in such great spirits, not once out of all of the thousands of people did I ever see one bit of animosity, you are more likely to be embraced by a table of germans than see any trouble (which if you think about having this number of people at a sporting event, to not see one scuffle would be very rare).

If you are not going with a big group of friends, then doing it with Travel Talk is definitely the way to go, it takes out the hassle of finding accomodation – which normally books out well in advance; but also gives you the chance to meet a group of new people to head to the festivities with, as well as getting a little bit of history so you can say to your parents that it was a cultural experience, not just a drunken weekend.

This is a must do, if you haven’t already, get in your calendar! I know mine is locked in for the second time.

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