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A lilac-washed sunset at the backdrop of terrace restaurants, golden-lit streets echoing with joyful sounds, sparkly beaches bustling with celebrities. This urban vision may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mykonos. Rightfully so, Mykonos enchants visitors with its sublime beauty and celebrated glamor. But the island is a mirage of serene mills and rusty seafront churches at its heart, where a humbler life surfaces once the tourist season is over. One way or another, it is the ultimate Greek summer destination that travelers love and adore.

Mykonos town is a bustling cosmopolitan where the pursuit of pleasure is rewarded with unique tastes and aesthetic satisfaction. Among a series of luxurious facilities, the town is far from compromising its inherent island vibe. Colorful bougainvillea hangs from window sills, and small churches offer visitors a glimpse of authentic architecture. Museums and shops are as common as these picturesque shrines and perfect for cultural insight. For the high–end restaurants, head to the glittering waterfront neighborhood, Little Venice. The magical hours of Mykonos begin as the sun sinks into the sea, leaving visitors with jaw-dropping views and breezy evening air.

Beaches are the major sites for leisure activities in Mykonos—whether it be observing people or enjoying local seafood. At night, the relaxed beach bars turn into hopping hubs of nightlife and host some of the wildest parties on the coast. Quieter beaches are in other parts of the island, which are famous for their cozy huts and tavernas. Summertime is a blissful season in Mykonos, and an even more charming spirit awaits in the less popular times of the year.

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