Multigenerational Travel in Iceland

Thinking of family vacations, and struggling to come up with a destination that covers all family needs?  Allow me to introduce: ICELAND.  Does my recommendation come as a surprise? Don’t take my word for it, YET!  

The U.S. celebrates Labor Day in early September, giving some of us the opportunity for one last hoorah before kids go back to school.   For Labor Day weekend 2021, my mother (70), my sister (40) my daughter (10) and I (49) embarked on a quick getaway to the Land of Fire and Ice


Planning a multigenerational travel trip requires a little more planning. However, the rewards and the priceless memories for the entire family are absolutely worth it.  In my specific case, travel planning needs to take into consideration my mom’s limited mobility.  She broke her hip a few years back and suffers from bad knees, so extensive walking is not possible, but with the aid of a travel walker, her resilience to easy/moderate walks is greatly improved. 

Travel in Iceland

Wondering how we decided on Iceland?  It wasn’t a random choice.  My mom has been hinting about her desire to go to Alaska for years. However, due to the vast geography, remoteness, and time commitment to explore, we opted for Iceland instead.  Let’s be transparent, Iceland is closer, offers very similar (if not better) attractions and breath-taking scenery. All of which are more accessible and attainable even during short trips. 

Travel in Iceland


Our itinerary kicked off with a visit to the Blue Lagoon on the day we arrived (flights from the U.S. land very early in the morning).  This activity was fully embraced and welcomed by the entire family after a long day of travel. The delightful soak in the geothermal pools allowed us to relax and recharge for the more demanding activities of the next two days.

On the second day, we were promptly picked up within the scheduled window, for the Golden Circle Tour.  It’s worth to mention, the tourist industry in Iceland has improved significantly since my visit ten years ago. The tours are on time, clean, precise, and organized. 

I would like to pause, breathe deeply and chat about traveling with a ten-year-old. Children are tough travel customers and I applaud parents who can keep them entertained without devices – I am not that parent! I made sure my daughter had a device, a 10-foot charging cable, extra battery pack and the most amazing perk of all: WIFI on the tour bus. Although distances are not long, my kid loses interest in the scenery exactly five seconds into the journey. Having the right tools for her (and ours) successful enjoyment is essential.

Travel in Iceland

The rest of the family is easy to please. I love photography and documenting these family memories.  I captured hundreds of images in the short three days we spent sightseeing. My sister is happy to be alive, living her best life. She is enjoying the second chance she was given, but that’s a story for another time! 

Multigenerational travel is gaining momentum! I highly encourage planning trips that will create lasting memories for the entire family.

Travel in Iceland

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