No city on earth boasts a backdrop so magnificent and profound as Kathmandu.

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Lying in the shadow of the hermetic Himalayas, Nepal’s capital and cultural headquarters is a city of spiritual celebration. All around, the values of several religions meet with visitors in the form of hectic festivals and temples. The streets are abuzz with vegetable curries, rice dishes, dazzling sculptures of gods and goddesses. Also, a dreamy fusion of Eastern cultures await. You will find that the streets are less frenetic yet equally vigorous as in India. But, Kathmandu’s chaotic charm will prove to be matchless. The solemnity of the mountains around bolsters it even more.

For travelers and fresh onlookers, an exploration of the hidden gems of Kathmandu Valley is in order before the old town. Among them, the main temple complex sprawls as a place of worship. It is one of the oldest religious sites in Nepal. A most fulfilling spiritual experience awaits once you learn what lies behind the intricate symbolism on the site. Head back to Kathmandu City for the principal pagodas and temples. Durbar Square lies at the center, all proud and glorious. It gathers invaluable architectural and cultural sites. Palaces dedicated to dynastic rulers, picturesque temples, and vivid statues fill the area. Most of them were restored after a devastating earthquake.

No visit to Kathmandu is complete without taking a 20-minute trip to Patan. It is an ancient city separated by the Bagmati River. Also referred to as Lalitpur, the city hosts several smoke-colored traditional statues of religious figures. Also worth seeing is a breathtaking portfolio of Newari architecture. Temples and palaces are so close that sunlight hardly reaches the ground.

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