Travel Tales

19 Jan

La Tomatina 2 Day

Rumour has it that it all began in 1945 when some local teenagers, taking part in the traditional processions, decided to create their own fun within the parade. One of them took some tomatoes from a market stall and hurled them at the others, who reacted instantaneously, giving rise to an impulsive vegetable fight. Then, La Tomatina; the largest food fight in the world was born. Get immersed in the messiest and the most fun food fight on the globe.

19 Jan

La Tomatina 3 Day

La Tomatina is an exciting and characteristic event of the town of Buñol in Spain. Each year the festival takes place on the last Wednesday in August and sees around 20,000 people pack the streets of the town to throw around one hundred thousand kilograms of over-ripe tomatoes at each other. So put on some old clothes, get some goggles and get involved.

19 Jan

La Tomatina 4 Day

La Tomatina, the world’s messiest, slimiest and best food fight begins every August in Buñol, Spain where around 20,000 people join the fray to let the streets run red! No-one gets away clean in the world’s biggest free-for-all, so grab your goggles & dive in!

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