Hot vs cold Christmas

Christmas is here! Everyone is in high spirits, Christmas tunes are pumping, Christmas tree is decorated and Love Actually has been on repeat since the start of the month. However depending on which country you’re living in your experience will be completely different. In the UK you might experience a white Christmas and the smell of roast turkey wafting through the house, where as the chances are if you’re in Australia you’ll be at the beach, and waiting for the BBQ to be ready!

Whether it’s cold or hot, check out the perks experiencing both Christmas seasons:



A traditional roast may be on the cards, but for most it’s a BBQ! Lots of seafood, refreshing cold beers, salads and a fruity pavlova all make it to the table for Christmas lunch!


A full roast dinner with all the trimmings, followed by a traditional Christmas cake. Don’t forget a glass of mulled wine to keep you warm!



Be like Aussie Santa, thongs and boardies are the way to go because there is no way anyone would cope in the heat with a winter coat.


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a good ‘ol ugly Christmas sweater. Rock your best ugly Christmas sweater, the sillier the better and get into the festive spirit!

Christmas Day


After a game or two of backyard, rest of the day is spent relaxing by the pool in a food coma. Even better take a trip to the beach to cool off and work on your tan!


After demolishing a full Christmas roast dinner, cosy up by the fireplace and crank the heating up! If you’re lucky enough it may even snow, which means building snowman and of course a snowball fight!

Boxing Day


Staying out of heat is a priority so anywhere there is air con or a pool to cool off in is essential. And if you love the cricket, you can watch the traditional Boxing Day Test match!


Chill out at home with the family, enjoy some delicious leftover roast! If you’re brave enough to step outside, you could face the cold and grab yourself a bargain in the Boxing Day sales!

Both summer and winter Christmas experiences are not to be missed. Looking for a cold Christmas why not try our Russia, Iceland or Turkey tours, or if you prefer the warm weather why not escape to Morocco or Egypt!

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