7 Highlights of Cambodia

7 Highlights of Cambodia

Situated between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is irrefutably one of the more less-known countries in Southeast Asia. With isolated beaches, prehistoric temples, a tumultuous history and a fascinating culture this small country is not to be missed.

Do you want to know more? Here are 7 highlights of Cambodia which will make you add this spectacular country to your travel bucket-list.

7 Highlights of Cambodia

1. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is the biggest religious monument ever constructed. While Angkor Wat is undoubtedly the utmost recognisable temple in Cambodia, you don’t just go to see Angkor Wat. You go to see the entire prehistoric city of Angkor. Walking throughout the remains, set deep in a dense forest, it is indeed an amazing experience.

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2. The History

Cambodia has a powerful and heart-breaking history where there are still scars of genocide and domination. Although this may not be a happy topic whilst travelling Cambodia, the Killing Fields and S20 museum are very captivating and getting to know more about a country is what travel is all about. Although sites such as the Killing Fields were brutal, it is a peaceful place nowadays, where people can learn of the revulsion’s that occurred at the location decades ago.

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3. The Cost

Cambodia is low-priced, even cheaper than its neighbours Thailand and Cambodia! It is one of the most inexpensive countries in South East Asia which makes your money go further – Perfect for the backpackers who are on a budget! For example, a pint of beer is roughly £0.40, which is ridiculously cheap.

Bayons Angor Wat, ancient architecture in Cambodia

4. The People

People in Cambodia are extremely caring, generous and welcoming. Even though the poverty rate is decreasing, Cambodia is still very poor. Salaries persist to be awfully low even though service is always top-notch and tips that you give them can go a long way.


5. The Food

Cambodian food is modest, comforting and the country’s food culture is not to be missed. It is often a type of food that has many contrasts – sweet and bitter, salty and sour, fresh and cooked. Rice is a staple, served at pretty much every meal and may come with curries, stews and freshwater fish. The country is filled with lively markets and plenty of street vendors meaning you have plenty of opportunity to try all of the delicious cuisine.


6. The Markets

From Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, lively marketplaces are found all over Cambodia. Most markets have limited space with narrow corridors where there are small shops packed with everything from jewellery, to clothes to fresh fruit and vegetables.


7. The Nightlife

If you visit Cambodia, you need at least one night out. The nightlight is more locally orientated and visitors are amply catered for with many options. Bars are heaving with people in many tourist locations such as Siem Reap and offer live bands, happy hour offers, interesting beverages.

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