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Greece is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. In part, this is due to its remarkable history and its role as one of the leading cultures of the ancient world. However, another reason that Greece ranks highly on the bucket list of many an avid traveller is its eclectic, picture-postcard pretty islands.

There are, in total, 6000 islands that belong to Greece, though only 227 of those are inhabited; and of those, only 78 have a population of over 100 people. With their beautiful unspoilt coastlines, quaint white-washed fishing villages and delectable cuisine, it’s small wonder that Greek island cruises are becoming more popular by the year.

Your Greek Island Cruise: Popular Destinations For Greek Sailing Tours

Some of the islands have a formidable reputation that precedes them, such as the bustling holiday-maker’s favourite of Crete, or the party-goer’s paradise at Corfu. If, however, you’re looking for something a little different, then these islands are not to be missed on your Greek Island cruise.


If you like your holiday destinations glitzy, glamorous and irresistibly upbeat, then Mykonos is the island to head to. Sip a cup of coffee in one of the street cafes in historic Mykonos Town, laze on one of the splendid beaches, or catch the boat to the local island of Delos, which boasts an impressive archaeological site.


Naxos is a nature-lover’s paradise. Steep, craggy mountains, green gorges and sweeping coastlines compete with timeless fishing villages, many which house inhabitants who still wear the traditional native dress. If you long to immerse yourself in the quieter, more authentic side of Greece, then this island is an excellent choice, and the perfect location to add to your Greek Island cruise itinerary.


This island is a popular option for visitors who want to enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s modern enough to offer a flourishing party scene, but still remains very true to its roots, with peaceful churches, winding, cobble-stoned villages and beautiful natural scenery. As a result, it’s popular on many Greek sailing tours.


Santorini is remarkably popular with honeymooning couples, and when you arrive on your Greek Island cruise, you’ll understand why. There is something irresistibly romantic about this island, with its iconic blue-domed rooftops, tiny, meandering streets and impossibly blue waters. Even if you’re single, you’ll still be wooed to submission by the sheer ambiance of the island.

Greek Island Cruises: Where To Book?

If you’re looking for the perfect Greek Island cruise, then head to Travel Talk Tours’ website, where you can find a wide selection of Greek sailing tours:

With a firm focus on providing Greek sailing tours that incorporate the best of the islands, you can browse through a range of itineraries to discover the perfect Greek experience for you.

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