Flight Discount Voucher

What is Flight Discount Voucher?

Travel Talk’s new unique promotion reimburses you a portion of your tour cost as a flight discount! For each tour booked, you will receive a special flight discount voucher worth up to AU$749 to fly to London or your tour’s starting city.

The flight discount for each tour can be found in the “Dates & Rates” section for each date. Upon paying the deposit, or the full payment for your tour, you will receive your flight discount voucher with the steps to redeem. Only fully paid tour bookings are eligible to redeem their flight discount.

To compare costs, visit our trusted partners at https://flights.mideast.com.gr and get the best rates around. Together with your flight discount provided by Travel Talk, there is no better option.

How to redeem?

1- Once you make full payment for a tour, you will receive your flight discount voucher from Travel Talk based on your tour price. As the tour price varies per date and tour, so does the flight discount.

2- To book your flight with the discount voucher, go to https://flights.mideast.com.gr , find your flight, and follow the booking process.

Terms & Conditions

1- The flight discount voucher can be used for flights to London or the starting city of your tour from any airport.

2- The discount voucher is valid for flight bookings made via the following flight provider’s website only: https://flights.mideast.com.gr

3- The flight reservation process is between the passenger and the flight provider. Travel Talk is not responsible for any issues regarding flights, or flight reservations, and does not ticket or charge any party for such purposes. Travel Talk only provides a discount voucher, strictly bound by the above terms and conditions. For any flight-related enquiries, please contact the flight provider.

4- This promotion only applies to bookings made from Australia or New Zealand in their local currencies.


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