Five Places To Visit In The Balkans

The Balkans is home to some beautiful landscapes and unique history. Add in the fact that it’s cheap and easily accessible, and it’s not difficult to see why everyone is raving about this place!

Let’s dive in and take a look at five places you HAVE to visit while in the Balkans.

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

A trip to Macedonia in the Balkans wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the city of Ohrid. Here you will find one of the oldest lakes in Europe, Lake Ohrid. This place has been blessed with sweeping scenery, thanks to the surrounding mountains and bright blue waters.

A walk through Ohrid’s historical area will take you past many ancient churches, fortresses and amphitheatres. But don’t be surprised if you ditch all tourist plans to spend your day sitting by the Lake and admiring mother nature instead!

Meteora, Greece

When you think Greece, you’re probably imagining cocktails and white, sandy beaches. That is quite the contrast to the strange scenery you’ll find in Meteora, but hear us out!

Meteora literally translates to ‘hovering in the air’. It got it’s name thanks to the the stone-cut monasteries scattered on top of slender stone pinnacles within the region. You can spot a total of six separate monasteries glued on top of large boulders here, showcasing a spectacular combination of man-made and natural structures of stone.

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

*Queue a camera roll of insta-worthy pictures*

Like the Pyramids of Egypt or Colosseum in Italy, there’s nothing quite as iconic for Bosnia & Herzegovina as Stari Most Bridge. This iconic bridge has been made famous by events such as the Annual Red Bull Cliff Diving Series.

With a 20 metre drop from the bridge into the icy Neretva River below, professional divers and dare devils will often put on quite the show for spectators watching from the bridge or river bank.  Once you’ve seen enough bridge-jumping action, wander into the Old Town to explore the cobble streets and small cafes.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This place has earned its name the “Pearl of the Adriactic” for good reason! Known for its spectacular old town, hidden cliff bars, beaches and electric blue waters, Dubrovnik is an unmissable spot on Croatia’s coastline.

The highlight of any trip here is the incredible City Walls that surround the entire Old Town. A loop around the walls provides a birds eye view of old narrow streets and terracotta tiled roofs. The City Walls are without shade and busy throughout the summer, so the earlier you get there the better!

Kotor, Montenegro

A charming fortified town surrounded by more gorgeous mountains. What more could you want from The Balkans?

Kotor is a stunningly scenic town in the corner of Bay of Kotor,  inland on the coast of Montenegro. The town still holds an authentic Balkans-like feel with countless alleys and nooks to explore. Behind the Old Town, take the hike trail up Mount Saint John to San Giovanni Fortress for breath taking views and epic photos opportunities! Don’t forget to tag #traveltalktours!

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