Explore Some Of The Most Romantic Locations In The World With Travel Talk Tours

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air! Statistically, it is the most likely day of the year that people propose to their loved ones, with over 6 million proposing last year in America alone, so its little wonder that February is a popular month for those looking for an intimate, special getaway. But where exactly are the most romantic countries to visit? Travel Talk Tours examines some of the best locations for couples’ vacations.

Travel Talk Tours Official Guide To The Best Romantic Countries To Visit!

Whether you’re the type of couple that yearns for sun soaked islands and tropical beaches, or whether you prefer a cosy, romantic city break, rest assured, there are many fantastic romantic countries to visit across the world. Here are just a few of the best…


St Valentine himself was thought to have come from Italy in the 3rd century, and hundreds of years later, the destination still remains a firm favourite for couples’ vacations. Our “Magical Italy” tour is the perfect way to soak up the scenery amongst the ancient ruins of Rome, or alternatively, head to Venice and cuddle up together on a gondola made for two!


Think romantic getaway, and chances are, you’ll be imagining white sands, swaying palms and sparkling blue oceans. Nowhere in the world does a shore-side paradise quite like Thailand, and it’s unsurprising that Thailand still remains such a hot destination for couples’ vacations. However, Thailand also has a lot to offer beyond the beaches. Bangkok is a vibrant, exciting city and the dramatic mountainous terrain of Chiang Mai makes for the perfect romantic backdrop.


If you’re one of those couples that like to do things a little differently, then Russia is an ideal alternative for an intimate break. Though not an obvious choice when thinking of romantic countries to visit, Russia is abundant in incredible culture, fascinating history, and Moscow boasts an overwhelming amount of trendy bars to cosy up in, with a local vodka in hand. Our “Highlights Of Russia” tour would be the perfect way to explore all that this historic and romantic country has to offer.

Planning The Perfect Romantic Break With Travel Talk Tours

Are you unsure about what sort of romantic experience you want to enjoy? Why not take a bit of time to peruse our website as this is the perfect place to start planning?

Whether you are both passionate about culture, ardent about experiencing something new and fresh, or simply want a blissful beachside retreat, it’s good to have a site that provides you with some excellent ideas to start planning your getaway. Then simply book your break and enjoy a romantic vacation with the one you love. Of course, roses and chocolates are optional…

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