8 experiences that should be on your travel Christmas wish list

Are you always thinking of your next adventure? And with Christmas just around the corner, what’s a better gift idea than a holiday! So to help you with your Christmas travel lists this year, we’ve complied our top 8 experiences to add to your list that will make you drop everything and TRAVEL!

1. Gaze at the Pyramids, Egypt

Gaze in awe of the majestic Pyramids of Giza, which to this day it is still a mystery to how they were built 4500 years ago. The oldest of the Seven wonders of the Ancient World, the pyramids will blow your mind!

2. Camp in the Sahara Desert, Morocco

Sit around a campfire with new mates, surrounded by sweeping orange Saharan sands and starry night, it’s an experience like no other!

3. Discover the ancient city of Petra, Jordan

Jordan’s most famous landmark Petra is absolutely breathtaking. Carved directly into the rose-coloured cliff face, it is estimated to have been around since 312 BC.

4. Visit the Northern Lights, Iceland

Take an adventure to Iceland to see the magical and elusive Northern Lights! Top tip: you’re most likely to see them between September to April on a dark cloudless night.

5. Watch the Sunset over Santorini, Greece

Bask in the warm sunshine, see the white-washed towns and experience the most epic sunset you will ever see!

6. Climb the city walls, Croatia.

Dubrovnik is encircled by a 2km stone wall which has been protecting the city from invaders for centuries. Walk along the walls and you’ll get the best view of Dubrovnik and its surroundings.

7. Hot air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey

You haven’t been to Cappadocia, if you haven’t taken a hot air balloon and posted it on Instagram! Soar through the sky in a hot air balloon with impressive views of the fairy-tale landscape down below!

8. See the Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The most iconic landmark of the country, Stari Most in Mostar has stood for 427 years until it was destroyed in the war and then reconstructed in 2004. Standing 24m high, you can watch the pros jump off into the water below.

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