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Turkey is an arguable contender for the title of ‘most fascinating country’ in Europe. Turkey travel experiences can be truly unforgettable, thanks to the country’s rich history, strange and mesmerising natural landmarks and exuberant cities. For many people, the concept of Turkey doesn’t exist beyond the famous beach resorts, but for savvy travellers, it is Turkey’s mysterious inland areas that hold the real allure. When looking for Turkey tours, look for a trip that not only visits the infamous sites, but takes in some of Turkey’s more hidden treasures too.

Turkey Travel Tours: The Highlights & The Secret Sights

Strange underground cities, rocks made of ‘candy floss’ and ancient mythological cities; its all simply part of the scenery in Turkey! Here are a few of the best parts and ‘must see’ sights, far from the over-crowded beaches:

Time Travel To Troy

If you thought the legendary city of Troy, where Odysseus and his men stole in through the gates in the belly of a huge wooden horse, was all just myth and legend; you’d be mistaken. Troy is a very real location, and there is something magical about standing amidst the crumbling stone bricks and overgrown grass of the once mighty city.

Strange Rocks At Pamukkale

Often considered one of the strangest, most ethereal places on Earth, the weird, snow-white formations and calcite rich waters of Pamukkale have to be seen to be believed. Bathe in the thermal waters, and then afterwards, explore the ruins of the thermal spa city of Hierapolis.

The Underground City Of Cappadocia

Cappadocia, called the ‘underground’ city by many, is an alien, stark collection of rocks and dusty gorges, featuring on many Turkey tours. The lunar landscape conceals a network of underground cities, built by Christians many years ago to hide from persecuting Romans.

Cultural Istanbul

Istanbul is arguably the epicentre of the country, and represents perfectly the blend of ancient culture, religious belief and lively modernity that encapsulates the ambiance of the nation. Turkey travel tours often start and end here, as the perfect way to both introduce you to the country and bid it a rueful farewell. The nightlife is the stuff of legend, and the infamous Haghia Sofia must not be missed.

Enjoying The Experience That Turkey Travel Tours Can Offer…

Travel Talk Tours have a real passion for Turkey, with its delicious blend of cultures and harmonious combination of contemporary living and ancient history.

The Essential Turkey Tour takes in the best of the country, unashamedly ignoring the beach areas and instead, focusing on a really authentic, immersive travel experience. Here are a few reviews from recent travellers on this tour:

“Very well organised tour. Our guide was informative, fun & honest – he gave us a real Turkish experience such as a barber trip & small ‘non-touristy’ cafes to stop at. Would definitely recommend this tour and tour guide.” – B. McInally

“Thank you for a wonderful experience of Turkey, the tour lived up to my expectations and will be unforgettable. Thank you to our tour leader for being a great guide – he made the experience so enjoyable and looked after us brilliantly.” – A. Dane

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