21 Epic Truths About Iceland

Iceland is an enchanting and mystic country that any traveller will be impressed with. It’s a country that is part of Europe however, is just so different, making it a nation that will captivate you. With volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, geysers and lakes, Iceland has a landscape that is like nowhere else on the planet. With such unique and surreal natural wonders, Iceland is a country which you must tick off your travel bucket-list. Oh, and don’t forget about the Northern Lights; they make regular appearances throughout the country.

Intrigued by this magical country? Here are 21 epic truths about Iceland.

  1. 60% of the Icelandic population lives in Reykjavík
  2. Beer remained illegal in Iceland until 1989
  3. Iceland has the most active volcano area in the world
  4. It has the largest waterfall and glacier in Europe
  5. The last name of Icelanders is derived from their father’s first name
  6. The Icelandic language remains unchanged from ancient Norse which means that 1,000-year-old manuscripts are still easily read
  7. In the last quarter of the 19th century, 20% of Iceland’s population emigrated to Canada and America
  8. The country’s national sport is handball
  9. Approximately 85% of Iceland’s energy is from renewable resources and over half of that is from geothermal resources
  10. The population of Iceland reached 300,000 in 2006
  11. Iceland was one of the last places on earth to be settled by humans
  12. In 2010 Iceland banned strip clubs
  13. Around 11% of the country’s surface is covered with glaciers and about 30% is lava fields
  14. Iceland had the first democratically elected female and openly gay Prime Ministers
  15. Reykjavik is the cleanest capital in the world
  16. Iceland has a population with the longest life expectancy in the world
  17. On average, there is a volcanic eruption every 4 years
  18. There are no forests in Iceland
  19. The consumption of Coca–Cola per capita is higher than in any other country
  20. Iceland does not have an army, navy or air force
  21. In 1963 a new volcano appeared in the Atlantic close to Iceland. It grew to become an island now called Surtsey

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