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Russia Tours takes you to one of the most vast and varied countries in the world. It is a country that has always held a sense of mystery due to the years is was not easily accessible to the rest of the world. It is the largest country in the world taking up around one-eighth of the earth’s inhabited land mass, and it spans over nine different time zones. This is why it is impossible to see all that Russia has to offer in a short space of time, it would be like going to the United States and wanting to see it all in one week. This is why we focus on the areas that most think of when they hear Russia – Moscow and St. Petersburg, which were only mysterious names during the cold war years.

Red Square is surely a name that most of us associate with Russia; you have St. Basil’s Cathedral standing proudly if not bizarrely in the background; the Disney-like style of the building painting a stark contrast to the image of the Soviet Military that would have been marching past it during the cold war, leaving no question as to why Stalin wanted to destroy it. Then a tour of Kremlin’s red brick towers and grounds should keep any history buff happy.

Russia is an experience, more likely to be a great adventure rather than a usual holiday. Perhaps here more so than others, reading up and having some kind of background and awareness of the history of Russia would be highly beneficial; and learning a few basics of the language will earn you favour with the locals. This really is a country like no other, and is somewhere that must be visited at some stage in your life.

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Highlights Of Russia

Experience the history and highlights of Russia in 6 great days! Kick off your amazing Highlight of Russia tour in the rich culture of St Petersburg. Enjoy the dazzles and delights of this amazing city before traveling to the heart of Russia, Moscow. Get lost in the capital exploring the churches and monuments remembering the fallen heroes and museums with countless pieces of incredible art.