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One of the most unique places on most bucket lists is Iceland with its incredible natural beauty. From the magical Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights, to stunning landscapes of the Golden Circle, burning beaches of lava, warm thermal baths of the famous Blue Lagoon, and the vibrant and charming capital Reykjavík, Iceland is among the top winter destinations. You can get a chance to go in thermal baths surrounded by a lava field, hike on a glacier, and watch the charming Northern Lights far away from the bright lights of the city. The Northern lights are best seen between January and March, do not miss out!

With its unique volcanic landscape, and breath-takingly vast tundra with a view of the Northern Lights, Iceland offers a unique experience to all. You will discover the natural treasures of Iceland to witness unforgettable sceneries, and fall short of words to tell of your adventures. Besides, the Icelandic language is said to be the closest remaining relative of the original language of the Vikings, so get in the mood for some mead!

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Land of the Northern Lights

A tour to discover Iceland’s nature and cultural life, with two nights in Iceland’s vibrant capital Rykjavík and two nights in South Iceland, an ideal location for the search for the fascinating Northern Lights, best seen between January and March. See glittering glaciers, snow-clad mountains, giant lava fields, steaming hot springs and beautiful waterfalls. Bathe in the mineral rich geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, walk on a black lava beach, visit Icelandic horses on their farm.

Iceland Circle

Explore the island of fire and ice, discover stunning scenery and dramatic landscapes, the unspoiled Icelandic countryside with volcanoes, lava fields, hot springs, mountains, fjords, glaciers and waterfalls. See the uninhibited vast tundra, two national parks, as well as lesser-known, yet beautiful sites. And of course, get a chance to see the incredible Northern Lights!