The longer your bucketlist grows and the further you travel, its likely your funds will be depleting. Sad face. Fear not though, there’s some easy ways to scrimp and save – it’s so worth it when you can see exotic places, meet new people and experience different cultures. Here’s some ways to cut your expenses so you can save more money to travel the world.

First things first – record your income and take out all your expenses. What’s left over? There’s a high chance there’s lots of unnecessary expenses recorded.

Cut the coffee 

Whether you’re a Starbucks, Costa, Gloria Jeans or Maccas’ coffee lover, it all adds up. If you buy one a day on the way to work at at average £2/$4, that’s like £480/$960 per year. That equates to an entire budget holiday! Holiday > coffee. Just suck it up and scab the free coffee in the office.

Work those pins

Cut down on transportation expenses – be it your own car/petrol or even local transport. While it may not be possible in rural or remote locations, in most cities there’s so many transport options:

  • If there’s not a massive time difference, take a bus if its cheaper than a tube/subway/train.
  • Get out your pushie and ride to your destination.
  • Pending weather conditions, simply walk!
  • Car pool to work or university etc.

Find a roomie

If you live alone it may be difficult to adjust living with others  – they might leave the kitchen a mess or hog the washing machine or their annoying partner stays ALL the time. But there are so many pros like making your rent and living expenses cheaper. It’s also social to come home to roomies, have housie outings and maybe make the odd meal together.

Keep an eye out for deals 

These could be specials, coupons or promo codes for food, flights or online shopping, to name a few.  Sign up for newsletters and follow brands on social media so you’re the first to hear about sales too! *Shameless plug* Travel Talk run campaigns and flash sales frequently. Keep in the know by signing up for our newsletter and following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @traveltalktours

Cancel subscriptions/premium accounts and memberships

Do you really need Netflix, Sky, Foxtel, Amazon Prime AND every other live-streaming/on-demand/premium entertainment subscription? Not to mention magazine/newspaper subscriptions, a landline plus mobile phone plan, top tier gym memberships you never use and the list goes on. While there are some that are your passion or must-haves, surely there is at least one you cancel?

Learn to cook and clean 

Dust off the cook books or ask your Grandma how to become a fellow Masterchef in the kitchen or on the BBQ. It’s pretty rare that it’s cheaper to buy a meal out then to make it at home yourself. Reducing the number of ready-made, take-away and restaurant meals is an easy money-saver! If you have a cleaner come to your house too, it may be best to let them go and do it yourself to save some extra moolah. Watch out Mr. Sheen.

Quit smoking, drinking and snacking so much 

We don’t have to remind you smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol is bad for your health but it’s also bad for your wallet. On the contrary, while it may be healthy to snack throughout the day, the price of unnecessary snacking adds up too. Cutting out these bad boys could save you thousands (plus some extra kgs off the waistline)!

Can’t cut down your expenses to travel the world? You could also get another job.

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