Cruising the Nile: Why you should get on board

Mysterious temples, vast deserts and intriguing, winding alleyways, lined with stalls and dusty shops…it is little wonder that our Egypt tours are such a popular holiday destination. For years, it’s been one of Africa’s premier tourist destination, thanks to its rich history and vibrant culture.

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Egypt is a transcontinental country and has one of the lengthiest histories of any modern nation. It has an abundant of iconic tributes such as the Giza Necropolis and its Great Sphinx, as well the remains of Memphis, Thebes, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings, which all continue to have considerable attention of archaeological study and have widespread interest and curiosity globally.

For many travellers who embark on a Travel Talk tour to Egypt, a cruise down the Nile river is one of the most popular activities. The River Nile, which is almost always associated with Egypt, is about 6,670km in length and is the longest river in Africa, and in the world. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when going on an epic exploration of Egypt, but believe us when we say…it’s an experience that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

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Nile River Cruises: Why?
So, just what is it that makes a Nile River tour so popular with travellers?
Of course, there is no one simple answer to that question. Here are just a few reasons why a serene cruise down Egypt’s arterial river is a simply unmissable experience of any Egypt tour.


The Atmosphere

The River Nile has a personality all of its own. The sleepy, slowly flowing waters are serene in the extreme, and it’s a strangely hypnotic experience to sail down the river, observing the fishermen (many still using traditional methods to catch fish), quiet little villages, and of course, the crumbling temples that line the muddy river banks.

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Chances are that, somewhere along your cruise of the Nile River, you’ll be able to make a stop at Aswan. The city is, of course, most famous for its enormous High Dam, which is nearly 4,000 metres in length. It’s an impressive man-made construction, which has been highly important for the shaping of the Nile landscape as it is today; controlling the flood waters and protecting farmers against the loss of their crops.


Edfu Temple
The remarkable Temple of Edfu, situated on the west bank of the river, is incredibly well-preserved, given that it is thousands of years old. Visitors can wander through the complex, taking in the clear hieroglyphic reliefs on the walls and the mysterious sanctuary that lies within the centre of the Temple, before climbing back on the boat to continue their Nile River tour.


Temple Of Luxor
Located on the east bank, the mighty Temple of Luxor actually comprises of six temples, and was originally built in 1400BC. The ancient temple packs a serious punch when it comes to atmosphere, with a strange, mysterious ambiance that is enhanced by the sentinel statues at the entrance, and the huge obelisks and pillars that loom overhead as you explore the area.

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Cruise The Nile River With Travel Talk Tours
Travel Talk Tours have a range of fantastic Egypt tours on offer, with many including Nile river cruises as part of the package. The Felucca Odyssey tour and Jewels Of The Nile tour are the ones you need to check out for sure! The Felucca Odyssey tour gives you a more traditional sail down the Nile as it’s a traditional Egyptian sailing boat whereas the Jewels Of The Nile tour enables you to discover the gems that lie along the Nile in luxury and style on a 5 star Nile Cruiser.

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