Celebrating Australia Day At The Church Bar With Travel Talk Tours

Sunday 26th January was a very special day for many people, who celebrated all over the world. Why? Because it was Australia Day 2014, that’s why!

Every year, on the 26th of January proud Aussies from around the globe come together to celebrate all that it’s great about being Australian – and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Although Australia Day is predominantly a national holiday to mark the anniversary of the first fleet of convict ships arriving from Great Britain in 1788, modern day celebrations showcase just how far Australia has come as a nation and how much Australians have achieved and what they offer visitors to their great country.

As always, the Travel Talk team were thrilled to be involved in the celebrations and were there alongside over 2,000 other revellers at The Church Party Bar to party the day away.

Party-goers to the event were treated to goodies and face paint from the Travel Talk team, and one lucky guy landed himself a free ANZAC Day tour to Gallipoli for winning a sculling competition!

We had a great day at The Church and loved celebrating Australia Day with all our Aussie friends and fans.

Hope to see you there next year!

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