Ultimate Foodie Guide: Eat your way through Europe

Follow your taste buds around Europe and sample the yummiest food from every country! From rich desserts in Austria to iconic street food in Germany – you’ll want to try it all!

See our ultimate top picks, in no particular order (because how can you decide?!):

Bulgaria – Gyuvech

Named after the traditional pot it’s cooked in, a Gyuvech is a stew made with beef, mushrooms, peppers and onions and is then baked in the oven with eggs and Kashkaval (cheese). Tuck in!

Italy – Gelato

It’s hard to pick a favourite food in Italy from pizza to pasta to even tiramisu but one food you’ve got to try is gelato! The mandatory 2+ scoops per day will cool you down in the summer heat after visiting the top attractions.

Greece – Gyros

After a big night out in Ios, a gryos will be the best food you’ve ever eaten. Chicken, lamb or pork wrapped in pita bread with tomato, onion, tzatziki and chips! Seriously no other drunk food will compare!

Czech Republic – Trdelnik

You haven’t been to Prague, if you haven’t eaten a Trdelnik! Even the aroma of them will draw you in! These sweet pastries are severed hot with a dusting of cinnamon, sugar and nuts – and for the ultimate sweet tooth filled with chocolate!

Hungry – Langos

Popular Hungarian street food, Langos is deep fried bread (similar to a savoury doughnut), loaded with sour cream and grated cheese or garlic butter. Remember, calories don’t count on holidays!

Austria – Apple Strudel

Save  room for desert whilst you’re in Austria, because you will definitely want a slice of Apfelstrudel (apple strudel). Flaky pastry filled with sweet apples and raisins, get some a local café or restaurant. Thank us later!

Germany – Currywurst

The iconic street food in Berlin, Currywurst is a pork sausage topped with curry sauce and is often served with pommes frites (chips). They even have a museum dedicated to it!

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