Sailing in Greece will ruin your life. You will never want to leave the crystal clear waters, the soothing gentle rocking of the boat or feasting on freshly-caught seafood. We all know the better the holiday, the harder it is to transition back to reality – most of us dread returning to our nine to fiver. 

Packing the right things can really make or break a trip and we want to make yours. Here we’ve compiled a list of things to throw in when you’re packing for Greek island hopping:

Sun protection

Don’t be ‘that guy’ who is so sunburnt they can’t walk (which probably feels even worse with the addition of a hangover). Sun protection in Greece is a must with temperatures ranging from the 20s to high 30s in the summer. You don’t have to go full-nerd with a legionaires hat, long sleeve rashie and knee-length boardies, although it’s recommended you pack the 30 or 50+ SPF sunscreen, loose long-sleeve tops for the long hot days, a hat and sunnies, at a minimum. If you’re prone to burning, maybe keep to the shade too.


With drinks purchased on-board, you’ll want to bring some cash. You will also need some moolah to pay for optional activities such as quad-biking and volcano tours. Just remember to withdraw it when you’re on the islands during the day.

Camera or GoPro 

We’re always on the hunt for a new profile picture or Instagram post and assume you’re much the same. With a waterproof camera or GoPro you will be able to capture the best action shots, diving photos and underwater activity. Your tour guide will be happy to play photographer too.


For those whose stomaches can’t handle rough seas, in the event that mother nature is not on our side, motion sickness medicine is a life-saver. As above, after-sun lotion or aloe vera is also ideal for sunburns, as is medicine for those who are unfortunate enough to catch food poisoning or a bug. We also recommend some Berocca or similar to help with a sore head after a big night in Ios.


When you’re sailing between the picturesque Greek islands or have some down time on the boat, there’s time for activities such as card and drinking games. Everyone loves the person who knows how to play drinking games. If you’re happy to play resident DJ on the tour, that’s also a bonus.

Note that when packing for Greek island hopping, you don’t want to overpack or cart an X-large suitcase around as it will also make your cabin so cramped.

To explore Greece on a guided trip, refer to our 10-day Best of Greece tour.

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