Breath-taking Greek Islands

Going to Greek islands, there is no way you will miss Mykonos and Santorini, and should you not! The Mediterranean atmosphere never leaves you alone, either when you are chilling by the sea side, partying by beach clubs or relaxing in the pool sipping a cocktail. Incredible food, breath-taking view and the perfect summer holiday! Here is how I made my Greece tour an ideal holiday.

Discovering Mykonos and Santorini
The Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini has spread their fame to many corners of the world, and continue to receive more and more attention as years pass. On the Best of Greece tour by Travel Talk, I had crazy fun and precious memories in many islands, but these 2 stole the crown!

The island has several small towns, but Chora the main town is the heart of the action. When you make your way from the port to the bus station through countless small streets, creating a labyrinth, you can hop on a bus to get anywhere you want. This labyrinth used to protect the villagers from the pirates at the time.
During the day, get down to a beach you would like. There are all sorts of beaches in Mykonos, from the crazy parties to the silent relaxation. If you are looking for the crazy party, Psarrou or Paradise beaches can be the right call for you. Enjoy the sea during the day, and as happy hour approaches, get your party face on. After you have had enough fun, if ever, I recommend you to go to Chora and get lost. Discover the beautiful maze. In the evening delicious Aegean recipes will be waiting for you! If you can create the time for it, the island of Delos, birthplace of gods Apollo and Artemis, is a short ride away from Mykonos, and is one of the most important mythological and archaeological site in Greece!
The nightlife is Mykonos is limitless as well. Chora is filled with nice bars and clubs, but beach parties also do linger into the night, in case you are still there! As long as you want the night to go on, it will in Mykonos!

A larger island in the region, Santorini used to be even bigger but large part of the island had collapsed due to volcanic activity. This volcanic nature of the island is what makes it so unique in many different ways.

First of all, you can get a donkey ride to the top of the hill, not your daily routine (neither are hundreds of steps). As you go higher and higher the view will just get better. You can have a tour of the volcanic caldera, that caused a large section of the island to collapse, smell the sulphur, feel the underground heat and enjoy the springs. Santorini is much bigger than many islands around, so you will need a ride! Considering the lovely summer heat, I strongly recommend to hire a quad-bike. Santorini was an unforgettable highlight of my Greece tour, and having a full day on the island helped a lot!
Jump on the quad and hit the ancient archaeological site of Akrotiri. One of the largest settlements of the region of its time, Akrotiri was destroyed by the volcano with all residents, and the uncovered section is breath taking in perfect form. Then make your way to the black beach and red beaches to relax for a while! The volcanic activity allowed these beautiful beaches to form, and they really are the color they say. It is a unique experience. To cap the day, Oia sunset is the best. At the edge of the hills, by the coast, is a place that you can sip your cocktail in the pool and watch the sun go down second by second. Do not miss! One of the major highlight of my Greece tour. Island’s nightlife is very active as well, if you are still not exhausted!

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