Why Bosnia and Herzegovina should be your next holiday destination

A hidden gem, Bosnia and Herzegovina often gets overlooked with travellers heading to more popular destinations in the Balkans such as Croatia. But let us assure you, Bosnia is not a country you will get bored of! From its endless natural beauty, historic past and vibrant cities, Bosnia should be on your radar this summer.

Still can’t decide if Bosnia is for you? See our top reasons why you should pack your bags and head to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Stari Most Bridge

Let’s start with the most iconic attraction, Stari Most Bridge. Like the Pyramids to Egypt or Colosseum to Italy, the UNESCO listed Stari Most Bridge is Mostar’s undisputable landmark. Originally commissioned in 1557, the current structure is a rebuild  following 1990’s bombardment during the civil war. Just like Hamish and Andy, watch the ultimate dare devils jump the 20 m drop to the icy Neretva River below!


Bosnia is rich in history, from Ottoman Rule throughout the 18th & 19th centuries, to the assignation of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand (no, not the Scottish band ?) which sparked the outbreak of WWI, to years of Yugoslavia communist rule and even its own civil war in the 1990’s. The buildings still show scars of war, but you can feel the indomitable hope, and spirit for the future.

Natural Beauty

Steep mountains and canyons passing through the bluest rivers, make Bosnia one of nature’s beauties. Our top pick is to visit the Kravica Waterfall and see the Trebizat River fall 25m into emerald pools below.


Your money will go a long way in Bosnia, with the region being comparatively cheaper to much of Western Europe. You can expect to purchase a bottle of wine for less than €4 or a delicious meal for 2 for under €15! So if you’re tight on money, Bosnia won’t stretch your budget to the max. Winning!


Sarajevo is one of the most historically interesting  and diverse cities in Europe, with an east meets west vibe making it a must-see. Once renowned as religious melting pot, or ‘the Jerusalem of Europe’, it’s one of the few cities you can walk to a Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, Synagogue and Mosque in the same neighbourhood. Wander the streets and markets, talk to cheerful locals, and discover the remarkable city of Sarajevo.

Café culture

If you’re an Aussie or Kiwi you know the importance of a good coffee and delicious brunch. Well so do the Bosnians, who have a lively sidewalk café culture. There laid-back approach to life and spending time with friends over coffee is a favourite pastime. So sit back, and relax with a cuppa and watch the world go by!

Need to tick Bosnia and Herzegovina off your travel bucket list? Jump on one of our Balkans tours to see the highlights of Bosnia plus other amazing destinations. See more information here.

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