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04 Feb

The Essential Egypt Tour First Time Visitors Must Take


If you’ve ever wanted to step back in time, then Egypt is about as close to time travel as you can get. The land of ancient pharaohs, looming pyramids and mighty temples is sure to set any intrepid explorer’s pulse racing and the stark deserts and swollen waters of the River Nile provide the perfect backdrop for adventure on an epic scale. Travel to Egypt remains incredibly popular, and Egypt tours provide the ideal opportunity to experience the highlights of the country, without the stress of arranging transport or accommodation.

Travel To Egypt: The Highlights When Enjoying Egypt Tours

Egypt, though predominantly famed for its ancient landmarks and fascinating history, also offers a wealth of other experiences, which can really add depth and appreciation on your holiday. Cairo, Egypt capital and cultural melting pot, offers an intriguing insight into modern Egyptian life, and gliding silently on the River Nile almost catapults visitors into another era, with cars, technology and all the bustle of the 21st century a mere memory.

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29 Jan

Travel To Greece With Travel Talk Tours


Greece undeniably boasts some of the most idyllic locations in Europe, if not the world. Gorgeous beaches, quaint fishing villages, secretive coves and ancient monuments capture the attention of visitors. It is little wonder that the destination draws travellers in by the millions, from far and wide, to experience their own slice of Greek paradise. Travel to Greece has remained incredibly popular, and in particular, Greek island tours and island hopping has stayed resolutely on top of many visitors’ ‘must do’ itinerary.

Top Experiences To Enjoy When You Visit Greece

When searching for suitable Greek island tours, it’s useful to keep in mind what sort of a break you want to have. A great place to start is with a tour that offers diversity; introducing you to the unique Greek culture and history, as well as offering time to relax and unwind on one of the islands’ many sandy beaches. Here are just a few of the best activities to enjoy when you travel to Greece.

Athens & The ‘Cradle OF Western Civilisation’

Follow in the footsteps of Socrates, Plato and many other ancient Greeks and explore the ancient ruins of the mighty Acropolis and Temple of Zeus. One of the most historically significant locations in the world, Athens also offers a vibrant, buzzing city experience, where history meets modernity in a wonderful, exuberant manner!

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28 Jan

Celebrating Australia Day At The Church Bar With Travel Talk Tours

Church - AUSDAY

Sunday 26th January was a very special day for many people, who celebrated all over the world. Why? Because it was Australia Day 2014, that’s why!

Every year, on the 26th of January proud Aussies from around the globe come together to celebrate all that it’s great about being Australian – and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Although Australia Day is predominantly a national holiday to mark the anniversary of the first fleet of convict ships arriving from Great Britain in 1788, modern day celebrations showcase just how far Australia has come as a nation and how much Australians have achieved and what they offer visitors to their great country.

As always, the Travel Talk team were thrilled to be involved in the celebrations and were there alongside over 2,000 other revellers at The Church Party Bar to party the day away.

Party-goers to the event were treated to goodies and face paint from the Travel Talk team, and one lucky guy landed himself a free ANZAC Day tour to Gallipoli for winning a sculling competition!

We had a great day at The Church and loved celebrating Australia Day with all our Aussie friends and fans.

Hope to see you there next year!

TT Team

22 Jan

Coach Tours In The UK


Interestingly, over a third of Brits choose to spend their holidays on home soil, rather than venturing abroad. Add that to a staggering 31 million people who visit the UK each year for recreational purposes, and it becomes abundantly clear that the British shores pack some serious appeal when it comes to holidays.

UK Exploration In Style

Unsurprisingly, coach holidays are often far more reasonably priced than flying from destination to destination. Thanks largely to the petite proportions of the British Isles, not to mention the sheer density and variety of places to visit and things to see, the country fits the bill perfectly for those looking to enjoy coach tours in the UK. Travel times are generally only a few hours long at a maximum and the sights promise to be diverse, not to mention historically and culturally intriguing!

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28 Nov

Adventure Morocco

Morocco-blog-imageI’ve always been fascinated by Morocco and was really excited when I finally booked to go on the Travel Talk 8-day Adventure Morocco tour.  The tour did not disappoint and it was an amazing experience learning about the Moroccan culture, seeing how the locals live, camping out in the Sahara desert, riding camels, sampling local cuisines, bartering in the markets, hunting scorpions and observing first-hand, goats climbing trees.

Our tour leader’s name was Abdul and he was great. Full of knowledge and very passionate about Morocco and what he does, which made it so much more interesting.  We were always amazed when we pulled out to our accommodation as the hotels we stayed in were exceptional. Essaouira was probably my favourite stop-over, a beautiful town situated on the water. There are lots of markets, nice beaches, delicious foods and the people are lovely.

If you are thinking of going to Morocco, I can highly recommend going on a tour with Travel Talk!

08 May


The 25 April is a special date for Aussie’s and Kiwi’s – a national day of remembrance for the Australian New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought in World War I at Gallipoli, Turkey so many years ago.

Just being at the site that so many were killed 98 years ago was quite

surreal and very overwhelming. Camping out under the stars in only a sleeping bag amidst 6,000 other like-minded people, there to pay their respects, was an experience I’ll never forget. Compelling war documentaries were shown on the massive projector screens all throughout the night until morning breaks and the dawn service begins. After the joint dawn service the Australian’s walk up to Lone Pine to commence their Australian service and the New Zealander’s trek up to Chunuk Bair. Experiencing Anzac Day in Gallipoli, Turkey is truly amazing.

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13 Nov

Egypt Tour

Egypt is at the centre of all routes leading to and from the 3 continents of Asia, Europe and Africa; throughout the Middle East it is known as “The Mother of the World”, with over 6,000 years of history it is also deemed the birthplace of modern civilization and religion. But more plainly an Egypt tour takes you to a destination that truly captures the imagination of us all; Egypt is a name that one cannot utter without a hint of reverence, intrigue and mystery. We all have our own visions of Egypt, which Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade helped to bring alive our romantic notions of pyramids, tombs, treasure and of course adventure, beckoning us all to her golden dunes.

The Pyramids of Giza are the last surviving member of the original Seven Wonders of the World, they are incredible tributes to one of mans’ greatest architectural feats. Words cannot come close to eliciting the feeling that one gets upon gazing at these ancient structures that have endured so much and still stand so proudly, but may leave you understanding the Arab proverb that says “man fears time, time fears the pyramids”. Read more…

24 Oct

Sail Greece

When conjuring up images of the Greek islands, most picture sun-kissed days spent lying on the white sandy beaches and swimming in the refreshing sapphire sea with the quintessentially Greek white-stucco buildings in the background; then warm Mediterranean nights spent sipping on cocktails while watching the lights bounce off the water and the boats gently rocking in the harbour, or partying all night in a club until you can watch the sun reappear over the horizon… And they wouldn’t be far wrong.

With over 2,900 islands and islets, 1,400 beaches and endless stretches of coastline framed by the crystal clear ocean, to sail Greece seems to be the natural choice to explore all of this, and have a true holiday of holidays.

The islands that form the Cyclades are typically the first choice of charterers who sail Greece. These islands sit in the centre of the Aegean and get their name from the Greek word ‘kyklos’ meaning “circle” as the islands form a circle around Delos island, which hosted the ancient city that was the region’s centre of commerce. This collection of islands varies from the lively waterfront towns and nightlife of Mykonos and Ios, to the quaint charm of Páros and vistas of Santorini. Read more…

20 Jul

Sail Croatia

To put it simply Sail Croatia = cloud nine….sunbathing, swimming, drinking, eating, exploring, partying and sleeping.

I have heard so many amazing stories about Croatia yet this trip definitely exceeded my expectations! Not many people can say they have lived on a pirate ship for 8 days sailing the most stunning stretches of coastline that Europe has to offer.  No matter where you look it is a million dollar view, a real paradise. It is definitely an understatement when I say I was living the dream.

Each day we would set sail early in the morning then stop for a swim en route to our destination. Swim stops meant jumping off the boat into the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, floating on lilos while drinking a cheeky cider then drying off by laxing out on the deck, catching rays and reading. Lunch time would roll around and we would head inside for an amazing lunch on the boat. After this we’d then pull into our destination for the day/night.

We got to visit all the top islands including Brac; with the awesome cave bar, the beautiful Makarska; which is nestled under the picture perfect Biokovo mountain range, the famous party island Hvar; where we partied at the biggest open air club in Europe, Korčula; the birth place of the famous Marco Polo, Mljet; where we got the chance to kayak, cycle or scoot around the breathtaking salt lakes in the National Park, as well as visiting the coastal cities of Split, Slano and finally, the gem of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik.

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27 Jun

Essential Turkey

I have had friends go on this turkey tours and highly recommend it, but I have to admit I didn’t know much about Turkey, so wasn’t sure what to expect at all, but thought why not give it a try, and as it now turns out this is one of the best trips I have ever done.

We started off  in Istanbul, and I have actually been here before, but just for one day, so my original first impression wasn’t that great. But going through Turkey with a local guide is completely different; not just for the history of each of the sites we visited, but also at night to have someone to recommend where to eat and what to order adds so much more to the experience.

The rest of the trip carried on along the same note. Visiting ancient sites such as Troy and Ephesus-which is by far one of my highlights for historical reasons, walking through a site which is said to have been host to likes as Cleopatra, the Virgin Mary,Saint Paul, and even Elton John is an experience you just can’t explain. Each location was a completely different side to Turkey; and I never realized just how vast and beautiful it is!

In my eyes the tour was laid out perfectly, having the first 3 days of quite full on sightseeing and traveling, then the next couple of days to relax by the coast, and even party a little was brilliant.

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