Hottest Black Friday Destinations

The madness of Black Friday has begun and Travel Talk is offering its biggest discount of the year with up to 70% off selected tours.

It’s time to rally your troops together and start planning that next trip. To help you get the ball rolling, we’ve put together our top three tours you should consider this Black Friday Weekend;

#3: 10 Day Exotic Morocco Tour

If camping under the stars in the Saharan desert or wandering the vibrant blue streets of Morocco’s famous blue city sounds like something your into – then our Exotic Morocco tour would be the perfect choice for your next trip!

The 10 day tour hits some of country’s most unique locations, which aren’t offered on all Morocco tours.

This tour is one of our most popular because it stops over in the city of Chefchaouen, where you can wander the blue streets, take some beautiful pictures and shop your way through the boutique shops and markets.

Some of the other highlights from this tour include; riding camels at sunset through the desert, camping out in the Sahara and heading on a 4×4 jeep safari through the rolling dunes.

BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Exotic Morocco up to 70% off ends Monday 2 December 2019!

#2: 9 Day Felucca Odyssey Tour

There’s so many options when it comes to booking an Egypt tour with Travel Talk. In fact, we offer 24 different tours to Egypt!

They’ve all got their own unique touches. But, if you’re short on time and still want to see all of the sights, the 9 Day Felucca Odyssey would be our top choice.

Without doubt, the highlight of this trip is spending two nights on board a traditional Felucca boat sailing down the Nile. From waving at the locals, passing colourful Nubian villages and taking a dip in the Nile – this part of the 9 day tour is one of our favourites!

You’ll also catch all of Egypt’s best highlights including the mighty pyramids, Cairo markets and Karnak Temple!

BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Felucca Odyssey up to 70% off ends Monday 2 December 2019!

#1: 11 Day ANZAC Tour

The 11 Day ANZAC Day tour is perfect for travellers looking to commemorate the history of ANZACs and experience all of Turkey’s best sights!

Join hundreds of Aussies and Kiwis in remembering the fallen as we camp out under the stars at the ceremony space in a prime position for witnessing the Dawn service. We’ll wake in the early hours of ANZAC day and watch as the sun rise over the battlefield, as we remember the soldiers who lost their lives in Gallipoli.

The tour kicks off in the Istanbul, the bustling heart and capital of Turkey! We’ll explore the beautiful architecture, bazaars, mosques and eateries for two days before heading inland to Cappadocia. Then we’ll take to the skies in a hot air balloon, catching the sunrise over the volcanic rock formations of Turkey.

You’ll also get the chance to soak in the natural spa pools of Cotton Castle in Pamukkale and experience the best preserved ruins and ancient wonders of Ephesus!

For travellers wishing to hit all of Turkey’s best sights while embracing the legacy of the ANZACs in Gallipoli, this tour hits the spot!

BLACK FRIDAY SALE: ANZAC DAY TOURS 25% off ends Monday 2 December 2019!

Travel Talk’s biggest sale of the year ends Monday, 2 December 2019. Don’t miss out on up to 70% off these tours and many more this Black Friday Weekend! Check out all the massive discounts now. 

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