Chin up, don’t let the lack of sunshine and cold weather get you down. May we suggest travelling to Morocco? The African country is an exotic oasis, even in winter time. It’s home to unrivalled nature, history and natural beauty. We’ve picked out the best parts of Morocco and rolled them into our Moroccan adventure tours.

The medinas of Marrakech 

A favourite among travellers and a stop on all our Morocco tours, Marrakech is a frantic city and a real assault on your senses. The buzz of Jemaa el-Fnaa square is not to be missed. From a distance, there’s a cloud of smoke hanging over the food vendors in the evenings; a slight smell of horses which line the outskirts of the square towing a carriage (or Calèches – French for ‘horse-drawn carriage’); and clusters of street performers, stall-holders and offers of Henna tattoos and Moroccan Argan Oil.

The surrounding medinas are like a maze – once taking me hours to navigate my way out as I unintentionally passed vendors multiple times, much to their amusement. The markets sell leather goods like shoes, bags and belts, handpainted ceremics, and almost everything else you need to deck out your house – rugs, lanterns and tourist-y magnets.

The shores of Casablanca 

While it may be the economic and administrative hub of Morocco, Casablanca houses the magical Hassan II Mosque. The mosque sits pretty on the coastline and is the world’s third-largest. To see the interior, you must take a guided tour but it’s well worth it. The textiles, mosaics and entire interior design is so Insta-worthy and mosque has such rich historical and religious significance.

When the sun goes down, La Corniche is the place to be and be seen. This thriving resort area is lined with nightclubs and restaurants. Evidently, Casablanca may be one of the most progressive and westernised destinations on your tour of Morocco. During the day, it’s also a pleasant stroll up and down – perhaps even as far as the surfing schools and large mall housing designer labels and chain stores.

Glamping in the Sahara desert 

Imagine sleeping under the stars in a Berber camp, having arrived there on a 4×4 jeep safari and knowing that a camel ride is to come. Our 8-day Adventure Morocco tour also takes you to the Saharan town of M’hamid to run up the sand dunes – enough for anyone to work up an appetite for a traditional dinner in the desert.

We suggest packing your phone or camera to capture the killer views (and killer sunset). By night, the crackling campfire is perfect to sit around with a roadie (Australian slang for drinks purchased earlier in anticipation that that will be consumed later on in the journey).

Ready to go? Discover the best bits of Morroco on a Travel Talk Morroco tour. See all our itineraries and book now here.

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