Beauties of the Turkish Coast

As the summer heat approaches, hopefully soon enough, summer holiday is the first thing that comes to my mind. I have done several resort, lay on the same hotel beach on week straight-kind of holidays, and also sailing on a boat around, docking at different islands-kind of holidays. My personal choice lies with the traveling, sailing, experiencing new things each day.
I have had the chance to do the 12 day
Best of Turkey Tour by Travel Talk, discovering all the amazing sites and natural beauties Turkey has to offer, and was absolutely delighted. The Aegean coast has countless natural wonders, no less than Anatolia, and is a perfect area for travelers looking for relaxation as well as discovery and adventure. Here are a few sites in the South-West Turkey, a highly popular area during summer;

Fethiye, Oludeniz

Fethiye is a large province of one of the most active summer cities for Turkey tours, and is usually crowded with local and foreign tourists. However, it never crowds you. The relaxed atmosphere, warm sun and most importantly, Oludeniz: Dead Sea, take you to paradise. A world-wide famous area, Oludeniz, takes its name from the sheet-like sea, no waves or tides, and is incredibly pretty. Many Turkey sailing tours make a stop here as well.


Also close to Fethiye, Saklıkent translates as Hidden-town. The huge natural canyon, waterfalls, small rivers and high rocks make it a wonderful place for hiking and climbing.

Dalyan, Iztuzu

Dalyan and its blue-flag sea, is famous for its unspoiled natural beauty, crystal clear waters, cute architecture and its mud-bath! Don’t miss out on the fun on this one. From with a short boat ride, you can get to Iztuzu beach, the homeland of the world-famous Caretta Caretta turtles. It is a site of preservation, but at parts you can enjoy the turquoise waters.


One of the major summer resorts with its population tripling or so in the summer, Marmaris is a hot spot for Turkey tours. Getting to spend a night here on my Best of Turkey tour, I loved the lively town center, vibrant and never-ending nightlife, and delicious food.


Ahistorical wonder, one of the best preserved and complete ancient Ionian cities along the coast of the Aegean, and a city precious to the Romans. It is also said the Gospel of John may have been written here. Summer or winter, an amazing ancient city that should not be missed! One of the essentials for any Turkey tour.

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