Want an epic travel experience? Travel Europe in winter!

We all know winter can be long and dreary, and without tans, blue seas and long warm summer nights, it can often make you want to stay inside and cosy up underneath a blanket. But why stay inside when you have Europe at your door! Yes winter in Europe doesn’t  have the allure as what summer may have but don’t let that stop you. Snow falling on historic buildings, mulled wine and Europe’s most epic sights, trust us winter is where it’s at!

Still unsure? See our top 5 perks of travelling in winter!

1. Beat the crowds

Say goodbye to the influx of tourists and over inflated prices! There is no denying that in winter the crowds are smaller! Want to get that unobstructed pic of the Berlin Wall or wait in line for minutes (instead of hours) for the Colosseum, then travel in winter.

2. Hit the slopes

There is nothing better than carving your way down the slopes on your skis or snowboard, and taking in those epic views! Not an adrenaline junkie, don’t worry there are plenty of bars, music and food to keep the spirits high!  Why not try our Bansko ski tour in Bulgaria with great snow conditions and amazing nightlife it’s definitely the place to hit up this winter.

3. Stunning scenery

Your Instagram feed will be happy that you chose winter over the summer months, yes it might be colder but what about snow-capped mountains and snowflakes falling over famous buildings. You might need a beanie or scarf to brave the outside, but it will be worth it!

4. Delicious comfort food

From mulled wine, to hot stews and roast dinners, to brave the winter cold everyone knows to eat and drink warm comfort food! Don’t forgot about a cheeky apple pie and a hot choc with marshmallows for desert. Yum!

5. Experience the Northern Lights

Head to Iceland for the winter, and you’ll have a chance to see one of the world’s greatest natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights. See the green, white and sometimes red lights flickering right before your eyes. Definitely a bucket-list topper!

Want to travel in winter? We have incredible ski adventures to Bulgaria and France! Summer still more you thing? Then check out our new Europe tours which start departing in April 2019.

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