The Ultimate Guide to Egyptian Food

Egyptian food is historical, comforting, affordable, and always packed with flavour. So much so, you will be itching to try these dishes from home. Many are commonplace in Egypt, but street vendors and restaurants have no qualms about making their own spin on classic cuisine. Find out more about the varied and delicious world of Egyptian food. 

1. Koshari

Egypt’s national dish is a mix of chickpeas, pasta, onions, tomatoes, lentils, and more. Koshari is a hybrid dish between Italian and Arabian cuisine but became a nationwide favourite in the mid-19th century for its comforting and affordable traits. This dish is common at street food vendors across the country, though recipes may vary.

2. Ful Medames

If ancient Egyptians and modern Egyptians have anything in common, it is Ful Medames. Ful Medames is a recipe so old and simple that it has occupied Egyptian tables for millenniums. Safe to say this is another national favourite. The dish uses entirely meat-free ingredients, including Fava beans, olive oil, and cumin and a garnish of lemon juice, onion, parsley, and cumin.

3. Shawarma  

Shawarma is a classic dish found across the middle east and originates from the Ottoman Empire. It consists of either chicken, lamb or mutton cut into thin slices and stacked onto a revolving skewer. Shavings of the meat is taken before being enveloped into a pita.

4. Kofta

Kofta and kebab is the perfect cure to a long night out or a day under the scorching sun. It is made up of ground meat that’s usually placed on a skewer and complimented by pita and fresh salad. Affordable, simple and delicious, you will find many vendors offering this dish on the streets of Egypt.

Egytpian food

5.  Alexandria cheese fondue

Yes, you heard right. Cheese fondue is perhaps not a Egyptian classic but one to try nevertheless. This cheesy masterpiece is unique to a restaurant in Alexandria by the name of Alban Swissra and won’t have trouble blowing you away. The restaurant uses rumi cheese (a popular Egyptian cheese) and adds pastrami, sausage, minced meat, chicken and much more. The dish is then paired with crunchy Egyptian bread and voila! This is perfect for cheese lovers or anyone with adventurous tastebuds.

6. Baqlawa

Baqlawa, sometimes called baklawa, is a popular desert in Egypt. The golden, flaky treat is usually filled with chopped nuts and drizzled with syrup or honey. The baqlawa can be found in patisseries across Egypt or served in restaurants.

Egytpian food

7. Mahshi  

Mahshi involves a pan-cooked vegetable, usually squash or courgette, stuffed with flavourful rice, mincemeat, and cumin. Locals usually serve it during Ramadan due to being a hearty and healthy meal for sundown. 

Egytpian food
Topan Kabak Dolmasi – zucchini stuffed with rice and meat.Turkish cuisine

8. Basbousa

Basbousa is a popular dessert treat that originates from Egypt. The cake is sometimes referred to as semolina cake due to its semolina batter and is usually served in a diamond or square shape. Sticky, sweet and full of citrus flavour, this soft cake can be either cold or warm.

Egytpian food

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