10 Highlights of Indian Food You Need To Try

Incredible India! We’re sure we’re all aware of Indian food and how tasty it is. However, Indian food such as curries and snacks that you get on your local high streets perhaps vary a lot to the Indian curries and snacks in India. Indian food is extremely influenced by the climate, culture, traditions and geography, which means that each state of India has a cuisine that tastes different. Although there are truckloads of many types of food that is mouth-watering to us all, we present to you some culinary delights where you’ll be able to explore India through your taste buds.

Here are 10 foods you need to try in India:

Chole Bhature

If you love a bit of spice in your life, then you’ll most definitely enjoy this dish. Traditionally served for breakfast, chole bhature is a famous recipe from the Punjabi cuisine and is popular in the North of India. Both chole and bhatura are two separate dishes eaten together. Chole is a spicy curry made from chickpeas and bhatura is fried, fluffy bread. This Indian food is served with onions, green chutney, carrot pickle and achaar.

Indian food
Chole Bhture or Chana masala


While momos are native to Nepal and Tibet, these tasty dumplings have become sought-after street food in the Northeast Indian states and various settlements where Tibetan and Nepalese settlements are located. They’re traditionally filled with minced meat such as lamb, chicken, or pork and finely chopped vegetables. Momos can be steamed or fried and are served with a dipping sauce such as fiery tomato chutney.

Indian food
Varieties of Momos


Idli is a traditional and delightful South Indian food, wonderful for breakfast. They are little circular savory cakes that are made of batter consisting of rice and fermented black lentils. The fermentation process enhances the nutrients and is steam cooked to preserve this. These protein-packed gems are served with sides of coconut-based chutney, onion-based chutney, and sambar for dipping however, the taste and flavors vary from region to region.

Indian food
Idli with Coconut Chutney


Keema is a flavourful traditional meat dish from India which is typically made of minced meat (lamb or goat) curry with potatoes or peas. It is a hearty and comforting dish that is not only used as a main dish but is also used with bread or starters. If you’re keen on a satisfying meal that will fill you up to the brim, keema will not disappoint.

Lamb Keema


Kebabs; you’ll find them in many countries however, there are numerous different varieties of kebabs available throughout India. Grilled in street stalls, restaurants, and vendors, these tasty skewers of meat are covered in aromatic spices, sauces, and marinades which gives them their distinct ‘Indian’ flavour. These kebabs can also be served with cubes or vegetables or cheese and literally give you that exotic melt-in-mouth taste.

Indian food
Chicken Kebabs


Biryani is a fragrant rice dish with various spices and vegetables or marinated chicken or mutton. This delicious dish differs from region to region and is one of the most popular dishes in India. It is thought that the Mughals were the initial people to introduce biryani to North India while it was the Arabs that exposed biryani to South India. Biryani is a complete and hearty meal to suit all occasions and taste buds.

North Indian Biryani


Khaman is a delicious Gujarati snack and is popular street food in the Gujarat state of India. This delectably salty snack has a texture like cake and is relatively easy to make. It is made from soaked and freshly ground channa flour, which is made from chickpeas and is usually served with fried chilies, chutney, and scraped coconut. In some restaurants, it is customarily served in a large green leaf.

Khaman or Dhokla

Rogan Josh

Many of us have seen and eaten rogan josh at our local Indian restaurants however, it’s one of the signature dishes of Kashmiri cuisine. Rogan josh is a staple curry in India’s Kashmir region and is traditionally made with lamb that is cooked with Kashmiri chili, which gives the curry its exceptional red colour. Generally cooked in a mix of shallots, other Indian spices, and yogurt, this delectable curry is served with rice and Indian bread.

Rogan Josh Curry


The good old samosa! This popular Indian snack which is an appetizer is not only widespread throughout India, but all over the world, too. The triangular-shaped tasty snack generally contains potato, green peas, and onion. However, there are plenty of other versions of samosa as well. It is commonly either baked or fried and is served with a mint or tomato chutney. Mmmm, delicious!

Indian samosas
Samosas with Chili Sauce


Chaat is essentially a wide term that refers to savory nibbles. They are common at street vendors and stalls throughout India. And believe us, there are plenty of mouth-watering snacks to try! Though chaat is native to Mumbai, you can enjoy chaat in the streets of all states. Furthermore, the chaat specialties vary from city to city. While there are many kinds of chaat, all include fried dough. The original chaat is a mixture of crisp fried bread, potato, chickpeas, tangy spices, chili, and yogurt.

Indian food
Aloo Tiki

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