35 Activities To Do In Europe This Summer

Guess what? The weather is warming up in Europe. Winning! Summer officially starts on the 21st of June which is just around the corner. Europe offers everything, it’s a playground that suits everyone. From beaches, to culture, to history, to natural marvels, it has something for everyone. Scratching your head with what things to do in Europe this summer? We’ve compiled a little list for you to get your A into G and to help you get a move on with sussing your travel plans.

Here’s 35 activities to do in Europe this summer.

1.Experience the world-class sunset in Santorini

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

2. Down a stein at Oktoberfest. Prost!

3. Consume all the gyros for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Greece

4. Relax in Iceland’s blue lagoon and paint your face with its silica mud

5.Sail the unspoiled stretches of coastline and beautiful islands of Croatia


6. Venture through little Venice in Mykonos

7. Bathe on one of the many beaches in Lagos. Portugal’s slice of paradise

8. Eat your weight in tapas in Seville

9. Experience Cappadocia in a hot air balloon

10. Chill in Pamukkale where gleaming white terraces are filled with warm, mineral rich waters


11. Zip line your way across the magnificent Cetina River in Omis

12. Get lost in the vibrant streets of Belgrade which are humming with cafes, bars, shops and charming sites

13. Strong gut? Try one of Iceland’s national dishes, fermented shark

14. Visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the oldest covered market in the world

15. Explore Reykjavik, a city full of bright coloured houses


16. Fall in love in Dubrovnik, a city known for its distinctive Old Town

17. Have a shot … or 5 of vodka in Russia

18. Visit Greece’s most famous monument; the Acropolis of Athens

19. Take a dip in Lake Ohrid in Macedonia, one of Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes

20. Become a buccaneer for a week on a real-life pirate ship

pirate ship

21. Explore the incredible old town of Sarajevo, the oldest and most historically significant part of the city

22. By day chill at one of Ios’s amazing beaches, by night get amongst the epic revelries

23. Splatter the town red at La Tomatina, the world’s largest food fight

24. Pay your respects at Gallipoli

25. Climb to the top of Kotor’s castle of San Giovanni to get the most insane views of the town and lush surroundings


26. Visit Mykonos’s most iconic feature; the windmills

27. Delve into a hearty pork knuckle whilst visiting Munich for Oktoberfest

28. Get proper #squadgoals whilst riding a quad bike on one of the Greek Islands

29. Go paragliding and get your adrenaline fix in Oludeniz

30. Adrenaline junkie? Jump off the famous Stari Most in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina


31. Drink ‘til your hearts content of sangria in Spain

32. Visit the treasure-filled Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg

33. Experience a proper cave party in Croatia

34. Take in all of Skopje’s cultural and historical monuments and stop at one of the few breweries for a tasty pint

35. Gaze in awe at Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow

Moscow, Russia

So, you think you can conquer this list this year? Book your next escapade here.

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