9 Reasons You Should Book a Sailing Holiday

If the perfect balance of adventure, culture and partying sounds like a bit of you, all while on board a boat floating through the turquoise Med, then look no further than our sailing tours!

Imagine going from one town to the next, with turquoise waters, under sunny blue skies, the tunes are on, your skin is glowing, drinks are flowing, and the vibes, well, they’re immaculate. Don’t know about you, but it sounds like the dream holiday! Here are 9 reasons you should book a sailing holiday:

1. Experience life on the water

Yeah travelling on land is cool, but travelling on the water? That just hits a bit different! Falling asleep to the boat slightly rocking, waking up in the morning to have a cuppa on deck, followed by a refreshing morning swim, and not to mention the best views in house for sunset, life doesn’t get much better than that! 

9 Reasons You Should Book a Sailing Holiday

2. Secluded swim spots

There’s nothing quite like rolling out of bed after a big night out and jumping straight into the turquoise blue sea first thing in the morning! Talk about the best hangover cure. Plus you get to park up in different private and secluded swim spots every day, any time of the day – first thing in the morning, before lunch, after lunch, at dusk, all day every day! Find a private cove or beach, do a bit of snorkelling, sunbathe on deck a bit before relaxing on your donut floatie with a drink in hand.

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3. Make new friends on board

Unforgettable holiday, PLUS new great friends? Double tick! When you’re sharing a small space with a group of strangers, you get to know one another pretty quickly! The space is tight but it makes the friendships even tighter. After many ‘morning after’ story times and sharing memorable experiences together, in one short week you’ll come out with many new mates and even friends for life! 

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4. Stress-free and hassle free

Imagine only having to unpack once, no taxis, no constant check-ins or outs, no strict schedule, no hot buses or crowded public transport, no navigation or worrying about getting lost…well, that’s a sailing holiday for you. Live on island time, using the sun as your watch and having absolutely no worries, now THAT sounds like a holiday!

5. Explore multiple destinations with ease

Sailing is the perfect way to experience the very best in a short space of time. The long travel days are gone as you relax in the gleaming sun as the captain sails you from one hotspot to the next. Waking up to a new town and island every day without even having to pack or unpack, what a dream! You open your cabin door every morning to find there’s a new town to explore and wander. Every day is a completely new adventure from the last. And the journey getting from one place to the next is a whole part of the fun and experience! 

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6. Ballin’ on a budget

Gone are the days when boat life is only for the rich and famous. Yeah it may not be a 50 metre yacht with Leonardo DiCaprio on board, but you can still get a little taste of what life on the water is like and live your best sailing life, with your knockoff off Raybans and all. Those sailing dreams can become a reality without breaking the bank. Sea-breeze blowing through your hair, crystal clear waters, your sun-kissed skin glowing as you sip on a beveragino while watching the sunset over the horizon. You get the idea, absolute bliss! You’re living the dream and that boujee life on a budget.

7. Magical sunsets every night

Get ready to have ‘Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit’ on queue every night! Whether you’re viewing it from the boat or town you’ve docked in, there’s something about watching the sun set into the sea that is just that much more magical. And even bigger win, you’re getting a different view of it every night and have the best front row seats there is.

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8. Party, adventure and chill

Whether you’re keen to relax and chill, bring out your inner party animal or adrenaline junkie, the option is yours and your sailing holiday is what you make it. Party the night away at the beach clubs in Hvar, paraglide in Fethiye or simply relax on deck with a cocktail in hand, or do all three! The best part is, it’s totally up to you and you’ll find there’s a sailing holiday for everyone. 

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9. I’m on a boat

You well and truly are on a boat living that best sailing life! I don’t know about you, but we’d take boating from town to town over busing any day. There’s not many experiences that are as freeing as being out on the vast ocean, falling asleep to the movement of the water. Life is just simply better on a boat and that’s a fact. 

A sailing holiday will not only leave you with a top notch sun kissed glow, but memories and friends for a lifetime, talk about absolute all round good vibes!

So how a-boat it?! Sold yet? Hop on board with us as you sail your days away in Croatia or Turkey, take your pick!  

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