7 Ways Travel Makes Your Life Better

Travel transforms you. It can modify who you are from the inside and out. Once travelling you face life in a way that’s not always likely when you have your typical nine till five jobs. Travel can change you for you the better. It opens your eyes, humbles you and makes you look at the world through different eyes. None of this can be accomplished watching the telly at home. You may dream of travelling, but dreams are only dreams.

Here are 7 ways travel makes your life better and why you should start sorting out your next journey.

The discovery of self-confidence1.The discovery of self-confidence

When you travel, in most scenarios you’re likely to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Some of those situations might come as a bit of a bombshell, nonetheless there’s also a way around the dilemma and when you sort it, you are remunerated with a massive lift of self-confidence – After achieving a lot, you’re going to feel ridiculously fantastic and your confidence would have sky rocketed meaning you now know your capabilities to achieve anything.  Killin’ it!

You make new mates2.You make new mates

Travelling takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you in a brand-new situation where everything and everyone is not familiar. But that’s okay; you get to make new mates! With reduced limitations and newer limits, it’s easier to make mates when you’re travelling.  Social interactions end up being a breeze, the small talk gets effortless and you end up meeting new people who are more so than not have a lot in common with you and are on the same wave length.  Winning!

You value family and friends more3.You value family and friends more

Once you’re away travelling, you realise the significance of your family and comprehend all of the tiny things that you took for granted. Your appreciation for your family and friends grows and things such as calling your parents is no longer a burden, but something you look forward to. Oh, how sweet!

You learn how to spend money more wisely4.You learn how to spend money more wisely

When you’re home, thoughtless expenditure comes effortlessly and you don’t think twice before purchasing an item. When you become a traveller however, you realise the significance of cash, accept practicality over indulgence and come to the understanding that a little definitely goes a long way. Save your pennies people.

You become more open-minded5.You become more open-minded

Once you become a traveller, you get the chance to do anything your heart desires. You have the opportunity to take the jump, from trying bizarre yet delightful cuisine to sleeping in the Sahara with a group of people you only meet a few days ago, to chilling on the beach having a cheeky couple of bevvy’s with people that you instantly clicked with and now class as mates. YOLO.

You realise how to go with the flow6.You realise how to go with the flow

The broken-down transport, delayed flights, missed flights, slow automobiles, dodgy street food, getting ripped off and a heck of a lot more, you’ve dealt with. This is travel and this is life. You deal with it. You learn how to adjust your plans to ever-changing situations. At times these continuous changes can be a massive pain, but you don’t get mad, you get even, and move on realising that all of these things make you grow as a person and acquire you with new skills. You’re a big kid now!

You get more adventurous7.You get more adventurous

The saying “Travelling: It leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a story teller”, is 100% true. When you become self-assured in your capability to do whatever, you do the lot. Paragliding, hot air ballooning, skydiving, eating bugs, conquering your fear of heights; you can do anything! You got this.

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