7 Travel Podcasts to Binge

Whether you’re looking for holiday ideas or searching for your next great escape, podcasts are a great source of inspiration. During long commutes, daily tasks or even whilst you’re at work, it’s easy for the mind to wander. Why not fill the space between adventures with podcasts that set your imagination alight? Find here a variety of podcasts for that much needed mind trip.

1. Conde Nast Traveller Podcast

This podcast weave tales of cities and places in exquisite detail. This is the perfect way to get into a romantic mood for your great escape. One listen and you will be brimming with inspiration for your next location.

This podcast boasts the magazines most exhilarating publication, read by the authors themselves. We highly recommend this podcast so it can seduce your mind and ears.

2. Abroad in Japan

Extravagantly priced fruit, peculiar theme parks and unique vending machines. Abroad in Japan takes you on a journey through the strange and wonderful world of Japan.

Hosted by the hilarious Chris Broad and assisted by Pete Donaldson, the podcast will arm you with everything you need to know about Japan. Including insider information about places to go, social etiquette and phrases that will get you from A to B.  

3. The Travel Diaries

Narrated by Holly Rubenstein, The Travel Diaries leap through the minds of her travel savvy guests. Guests are invited to recount their exceptional travel experiences. From deeply personal childhood memories to recent escapades, Rubenstein’s famed guests send listeners on an emotional roller-coaster.

4. The Thought Card

Danielle Desir is your finance guru. At The Thought Card, Desir shows you the ropes of affordable travel by offering expert financial advice and uncovering her secret to sustaining wealth whilst travelling. Desir’s podcast makes travelling easy, affordable and keeps you on track of all of your financial goals.

5. Amateur Traveller

The Amateur Traveller discovers a different destination every week. The podcast has become popular due to the host, Chris Christensen, and guests who do not skim details about local life. Instead, the listener discover the nook and crannies of local places, specialities and find out how to truly connect with culture.

6. Women Who Travel

Travel affords freedom and adventure, but for some groups of people it can also bring a degree of danger. Hosts Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Casey unravel all aspects of travel that might otherwise remain unspoken. Interesting guests from around the world are invited onto the podcast to offer insight into their fascinating occupations and backgrounds.

Women Who Travel offer a candid perspective on the good, the bad and the ugly for women who travel. With this podcast, you will gain the tools to travel as safely, responsibly and openly.

7. Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel

Here you will find extraordinary travel stories big and small in one place. The best part? It all happens on the budget. The Extra Pack of Peanuts hosts are the affordable flying experts and will show you how you can do the same.

Feeling inspired by any of these podcasts? Get your dream trip rolling by checking out Travel Talk Tours inspiring trips.

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