7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Visit Europe This Summer

The European summer is creeping up on us, which surely will put a big smile on your dial. Europe covers around 10,1800,00 square kilometres or roughly 2% of the Earth’s surface. It may be small size while but Europe sure packs a punch, and the world definitely knows about it. However, the apparent amazing weather, beaches, clear waters, party scenes, old towns, scenery, history, culture and cuisine doesn’t really phase us. In fact, why would you even want to visit such a place!?

Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t visit Europe this summer.

1.There’s a lack of history

When you walk throughout many European settlements, cities and villages, it’s like walking back in time. Cobbled streets, ancient buildings, ruins, old churches, fortified towns and plenty of UNSECO World Heritage Sites. Many communities across Europe have had a fascinating and tumultuous history, which brings character and depth the area. To name a few important places and architecture, there’s the Acropolis of Athens, Dubrovnik, Kotor Old Town, St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow and the historic centre of Cordoba in Spain. But come on, there’s not that much history, right?


2.All the culture is the same

It is a continent known for its rich culture, which is why it draws millions of visitors each year. Think art, architecture, music, literature and philosophy and Europe will come to mind. To date, there are 24 languages that are spoken throughout the continent that are “official and working”, with Christianity being the most popular religion. Interestingly, many European countries have their own traditions and customs which date back thousands of years, which add to the cultural diversification of Europe. If you ask us, Europe doesn’t have much to offer.


3.The beaches are average

From secluded coves and idyllic golden expanses to dramatic coasts and glamorous party beaches, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t find in Europe. It’s true, there’s certainly no shortage of beaches. Sapphire translucent waters sound appealing? How about the scenario of you overlooking a sandy beach and perhaps the Mediterranean Sea, set on a hillside, you watch the sun go down and the moon ride up. Blah, this sucks.


4.The food is disgusting

Food glorious food! It is jam-packed with tantalising food options and is renowned for its tasty cuisine. Greek, French, Russian, German The Balkans and Spanish, are just a few cuisine options that you have whilst visiting Europe. Think bratwurst, gyros, croissants, tapas, boreks, borshch along with fresh seafood and a variety of vegetables and meat. Let’s not forget about the copious amounts of tasty beer, wine and spirit options! Ewww yuck, this all sounds revolting.


5.The party scene is basic

Cave parties, beach parties, underground parties, boat parties, pre-party parties and world-famous night clubs. You name it, Europe has it. Every city in Europe has somewhere to go. Be it a day party or an evening party, no matter if the sun is out or the moon is out, there is something for everyone. You will lose your mind at the endless options available. But, we’re sure this is all wrong, we heard Europe is more like one massive retirement village.


6.There’s not enough sun

Get your sunnies and sunblock ready because Europe has a bucket load of sun over the summer.  You’re looking at an average of 10 hours a day in some parts! With long sunny days and warm temperatures, it sounds like bliss. Especially throughout the Mediterranean and Adriatic you’re guaranteed to find reliable sunshine. It’s the perfect time to stock up on your vitamin d because for those living in the UK, this is something that you’ll certainly be lacking. But really, it just doesn’t sound like Europe offers enough sunny days. Sounds like it’s a permanent winter destination.


7.It’s not very pretty

Lakes, beaches, rivers, snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, sunsets, beautiful coastlines, jaw-dropping views and unreal scenes. Not to mention that the cities, villages and towns have their own quirks and charms too. Europe is a mecca for those travellers wanting to get their insta-worthy snaps. But meh, it sounds mundane to us!

So, you’re keen on visiting Europe this summer? Check out the array of tours that we offer here.

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