7 Reasons To Take A Europe Overland Tour

Guys, we have an exciting announcement! Brand new for 2018, Travel Talk will be offering a Europe Overland tour called Best of Europe. Beginning in March 2018, this jam-packed 13-day tour will visit 7 fantastic countries, all with their own rare landmarks and famous sites. Starting and finishing in London, this tour enables you to explore Bruges, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Innsbruck, Venice, Rome, Florence, the Swiss Alps and Paris.

If you love unique history, vibrant cultures and fun-filled adventures with like-minded travellers, then this tour is perfect for you. Here are 7 reasons to take a Europe Overland tour:

The Countries

How does visiting Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France sound? It sounds blinking good to us! Visiting these countries in any season is amazing. From winter wonderland landscapes to blazing summer days, these countries will knock your socks off. Each country is different, which makes it all the worthwhile. With different history, culture, languages, people, food, attractions and landscape, not one country is the same. It is an explorers’ paradise, just waiting to be wandered.

The Value

No one loves being ripped off. It’s a horrible feeling, especially when you’re travelling, in a foreign country, and you don’t know any better. They’re all great reasons as to why a tour is so worthwhile. Travel Talk’s Best of Europe tour offers epic prices, plenty of inclusions and gives you an array of optional activities that you can choose to partake in. Let’s face it, travellers love to have options and like to get amongst diverse excursions. What’s included you ask? We’ll give you a run down:

  • 2 – 4-star hotels plus a Mountain Resort Hotel in Switzerland
  • 12 breakfasts and 6 dinners
  • Services of an experienced tour leader
  • Sightseeing tours of all cities that we visit, plus optional drives or walks lead by a Travel Talk tour leader
  • Air-conditioned modern coach plus a vaporetto in the Venice Grand Channel
  • English Channel ferry crossings
  • Optional activities include:
    • Paris: Bike tour, Seine River Cruise and traditional cabaret show in the Latin Quarter
    • Swiss Alps: Jungfrau excursion, helicopter ride, skydiving and Schilthorn cable car
    • Rome: Vatican City tour
    • Venice: Gondola ride
    • Amsterdam: Bike tour and canal cruise

Experienced Tour Leader

Ever wandered around a city and have seen monuments and sites that look important however, have no idea why? Yeah, we thought so, and we can help you out! Travel Talk’s tour leaders share their knowledge of the culture and history of that destination, which benefits you with understanding why things are where they are and places are like they are. Tour leaders know the ins and the outs, meaning you can learn about a city at a deeper level than you would if you were on your own. What’s even better? They’ve done all the research so you don’t have to. Win-win situation.

The Food

Waffles in Bruges, snails in Paris, pizza in Venice, schnitzel in Munich and stroopwafel in Amsterdam. Sounds all tempting and delicious to us! One of the most fun things about travelling, is trying the foods of each country. You’ll be delighted with many culinary experiences, best relished in their countries of origin. Common issues that arise when travelling by yourself is not knowing where to eat. Avoiding the tourist traps and finding a restaurant that is overpriced can be difficult. When on the Best of Europe tour, we have gone out of our way to found some great cheap eats, restaurants, street sellers and cafes that will not only satisfy your taste buds, but also your wallet.

The Marvels

Nothing beats seeing a famous landmark that you’ve dreamt of seeing since you were a kid. With social media, such a big #travelinspo currently, famous sights are constantly just dangling in front of your faces, which increases your urge to check out these places yourself. Now it’s your turn to see these epic highlights and you will be mind-blown! Think the Eiffel Tower, Jugenfrau UNESCO World Heritage, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Vatican City, Venice canals, Amsterdam’s Red-Light District and the Berlin Wall, just to name a few. Each one of these marvels are amazing in their own way and unique to the destination.

New Mates

Let’s face it, whether you decide to go on a tour with a few mates or choose to go solo, making new mates will be inevitable. Travelling with people who are like-minded and want to experience new things and see new things makes taking a Best of Europe tour a lot of fun. It contributes a lot to a trip and increases the enjoyment you get out of the tour. Those bus rides will turn into games and long chats, and you will soon work out which people are keen to do certain optional activities, so you can do it together. Meals will be extra amusing and entertaining as you’ll have new found mates to eat with and share odd experiences with. Eating snails in Paris comes to mind.

Worry-Free Experience

Safety in numbers! A tour will increase the level of safety substantially. No matter which destination you’re in, someone will always have your back so you can stress less and roam freely, which is perfect when you’re doing group activities and when you have free time. Travelling with a tour group reduces your stress levels as all the organisation and coordinating has been done for you. This means no hunting for hotels, trying to get from A to B, the mode of transport you’ll use and the language barriers you’ll inevitably encounter.

So, you’re interest in the Best of Europe tour? New for 2018, Travel Talk is offering this epic experience from March. You can find out more about this tour here.

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