5 Ways Travel Is Good For Your Mental Health

It’s Mental Health Awareness week and with the past year being more testing and crazy than ever before due to COVID, it’s fair to say our mental health needs a bit of loving! And sometimes taking a much needed break from everyday stresses and the daily grind to refresh, relax and revitalise the mind can be exactly what you need. Although you may not be able to exactly jet off (just yet) it doesn’t mean you can’t still plan a trip! A study found that even simply booking a trip can massively boost your overall happiness. Here are 5 ways travel is great for your mental health: 

1. Stress relief

It’s no shock that travelling is a great stress reliever. Whether you spend your whole holiday on a beach lounger or are actively on the go non-stop, any kind of trip that gets you out of the normal routine is a great way to avoid feeling burnt out. Travel gives you the chance to forget about your worries and stresses back home and recharge by doing what makes you happy in that present moment. Plus it gives you the guilt-free freedom to do whatever you like and when you like. Laze by the pool all day and eat breakfast for dinner? No worries!

Stress relief

2. Boosts happiness and satisfaction

The excitement of new experiences and exploring somewhere new can significantly boost your happiness and mood. From the initial planning stages, up until even after the trip, travelling can help us rewire our brain from daily stresses, boost our confidence and life can feel more fulfilling when learning from new experiences. 

Even if you can’t travel quite yet it doesn’t mean you can’t still book travel. Simply booking a trip can be a massive mood booster, giving you something to focus on, look forward to and work towards. The anticipation of a holiday can be great for motivation and optimism leading up to it. 

Boosts happiness and satisfaction

3. Change of perspective

Travelling can provide you with a new perspective in many ways, from opening your mind to new experiences and cultures to gaining gratitude for what you have. Experiencing new cultures and ways of life can open your eyes to how fortunate you really are and can help you be more mindful of things you may have previously taken for granted. 

Travel can also challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone which can have a positive impact on developing self-confidence, independence and self-growth, all positive traits that are great to bring home with you. 

Change of perspective

4. New friends and strengthening relationships

Whether you’re travelling solo or with people, travel is an opportunity to strengthen bonds and build completely new relationships. Jetting off to experience a new place and culture full of exciting activities is a unique experience and sharing it with someone can make your bond that much stronger. Not to mention, spending quality time around people you care about that make you feel happy, can do wonders for your mental health. 

One of the best parts of travel is also meeting various new people from all walks of life, which can be an absolute breath of fresh air! Making new friends in a new environment is exciting and can significantly help boost your confidence and self-esteem. And who knows, they could even end up becoming friends for life! New friends from all over the world? Yes please! 

New friends and strengthening relationships

5. Change of scenery

If you find yourself struggling with the daily grind and stresses, sometimes something as simple as a change of scenery and hitting the pause button to take a break can be the perfect way to refresh yourself and your mind set. 

Doesn’t necessarily mean running away from your problems or reality, but sometimes taking a break in a completely new environment full of new experiences and new people can do wonders for clearing the head. Whether it’s travelling to the otherside of the world or simply a new town, it can help open your mind, boost happiness levels and reveal a world of possibilities beyond your bubble. Even after the trip, travelling can help provide you with a fresh outlook and boosted motivation even once back in reality. 

Change of scenery

Feeling inspired? Take that mental health break and experience the benefits of travel!

Please note: if you do suffer with mental health, be sure to read up on government advice and healthcare guidance before choosing to embark on a trip.

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