5 Reasons Why Marrakech Is The Best Destination For A City Break

A city break is a wonderful way to escape the everyday 9 to 5, without booking considerable time off work. If you select the right destination, you can enjoy a few days of uninterrupted exploration and excitement, whilst also enjoying a warm climate which will have the people back home suitably envious!

With such a wide range of destinations available, it can be tricky selecting the perfect location to enjoy your city break. If you’re a keen culture-vulture, then the perfect city just has to be Marrakech.

This exotic North African city boasts bustling souks (that’s a market to you and I!), soaring minarets and mosques, ancient historical ruins and a remarkably vibrant, upbeat social scene. And of course, this is precisely why we think that you should book to travel to Marrakech as soon as you possibly can!

5 Things To Experience On Your Marrakech Tour

1. Visit Djemaa el Fna Square

Djemaa el Fna Square is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. It is a simply unmissable experience when you’re on a Marrakech tour; where you can expect to see snake charmers, mesmerising story-tellers and dancers in their multitudes.

2. Explore The Museums

A great way to really get to grips with Marrakech is via its fascinating museums. The Dar Si Said Museum has a whole host of intriguing objects in its collection, revealing much about the ancient past of the city, and the building of the Musee de Marrakech, with its bright tiles and startling architecture, is almost an exhibit in itself.

3. Lose Yourself In The Souks

Marrakech tours will forever be associated with the souks, the labyrinthine maze of alleyways and dusty streets that are lined with market traders, selling their wares. The general rule is that, the further you dare to venture into the maze of the markets, the more richly you’ll be rewarded, with remarkable Moroccan items for surprisingly low amounts, guaranteed to please the people back home.

 4. Live Like A Sultan

Whilst you travel in Marrakech, make sure to visit the Badii Palace. Now only a ruin, it was once a remarkable palace, home to the Sultan himself. As you stroll through the crumbling remains, you can get a sense of the once mighty building and a glimpse into the rich history of the country.

5. Watch Some Belly Dancing

Belly dancing, still very much practiced in the city, provides a fascinating evening’s entertainment. There are many excellent restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy a leisurely meal or drink whilst taking in a performance.

For more inspiration on how to spend your time on your Marrakech city break, visit our website and check out our range of  Morocco tours – many of these tours include a visit to Marrakech, including a guided tour round the city and the surrounding area.

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