5 Key Reasons To Take A Tour Of Jordan

If you’re seeking adventure (Indiana Jones style) then booking a Jordan tour is essential. Few places on earth conjure up such a rich sense of mystery and atmosphere as Jordan, not least because of its remarkable World Heritage Site, Petra.


Travel Jordan – An Unforgettable Experience

Don’t be fooled, although Petra is one of the most remarkable sights on the planet, there is much more to Jordan than this. From desert adventures to diverse, thriving cities, here are just five of our favourite Jordan tour experiences.Jordan Tours – 5 Reasons Not To Miss It

  1. Petra

Of course, Petra is the predominant reason that people first book themselves on to a Jordan tour. The ancient ‘rose red city’, once the capital of the Nabataean kingdom in the 6th century BC, was a mighty city until an earthquake shook it to its core, in the 7th century AD. It remained undiscovered until the 19th century, when a Swiss explorer dared to explore the site, disguised as an Arab. Wander past the Roman theatre, the strange sandstone canyon of the Siq, and of course, the famous Treasury.

  1. Amman

A visit to the country’s capital is imperative when you travel Jordan. The city has a remarkably modern vibe, with trendy restaurants and bars, whilst also preserving a strong recognition of its ancient past. Relic hunters will seize the chance to visit the Temple of Hercules and the Citadel.

  1. Safari Through The Desert & Visit Wadi Rum

The vast expanse of the desert is reason enough to book a Jordan tour. Endless, rolling sand dunes create an almost eerie atmosphere, and Wadi Rum, a strange valley in the midst of it all, provides a fascinating place to stop and explore.

  1. Mount Nebo

According to the Bible, Mount Nebo was the place where Moses was first shown a tantalising view of the Promised Land. Whether a believer or not, there is no denying that the 1,000 metre high mountain has considerable ambiance. With staggering views of the arid terrain below, it is a breath-taking experience.

  1. Aqaba

Jordan’s prettiest coastal city is famous for having some excellent diving opportunities. The surrounding seas are teeming with marine life, not to mention some great beaches, and there is enough history in the area to keep even the most intrepid explorer content.

Jordan Tours – Where To Find The Right One For You

If you’re searching for a tour that incorporates all of the main attractions, then visit our website for a wide selection of our Jordan Tours Book now, and unleash your inner adventurer, in a country that boasts history galore, and a strong sense of irresistible atmosphere.

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