4 unusual experiences worth losing sleep over

We’ll be honest, nothing quite compares to a good night sleep in your own bed. But, with lockdowns and travel bans in 2020, it’s fair to say we’ve all had plenty of rest. In 2021, there’ll be no rest for the wicked! We’re swapping hotel sheets for tents and torchlights, weekend sleep-ins for early morning alarms. 

If you’re ready to claim back on lost travel time, check out our top 4 unusual experiences worth losing some sleep over in 2021; 

Camping Safari in Africa

camping safari is perfect for all those hands-on, nature loving travellers wanting to get a REAL taste of Africa!

From setting up your campsite to helping build the fire, cooking dinner for the group and even washing up the dishes – participation camping offers up the opportunity to truly bond with other travellers, share stories over a campfire and immerse yourself in the breath-taking landscapes that Africa is so famous for!

While we can’t guarantee you won’t be woken throughout the night by the distant sounds of monkeys, wilder-beasts or elephants, we can guarantee it’ll be one of the most unusual sleeping experiences you’ll ever have. 

Pull an all-nighter to see the Northern Lights

At the right time of the year, Iceland is the perfect place to spot the stunning Northern Lights dance across the dreamy skies. But, it’s not always easy to spot the celestial light show –  It requires patience, warm clothing and sometimes even an all-nighter!

From April to August, Iceland experiences ‘midnight sun,’ meaning there is no hours of darkness in the day. So, if pulling an all-nighter to see the lights  (aka Aurora Borealis) in full flight is on your bucket-list, make sure you plan to visit from late August to mid-April.

TIP: Our 5-Day Land of the Northern Lights tour offers up plenty of opportunities to hunt down the dreamy lights with a local guide.

Sunrise hike to Mt Sinai 

If there’s ever been a hike worth losing some sleep over, this is it! 

Not far from the coastal town of Dahab, Mt Sinai boasts spectacular mountain views over Egypt. After a 1.30am wake up, start the ascend to Mt Sinai and reach the summit just as the sun glistens over the surrounding peaks. After a couple of quiet moments to take jaw-dropping, begin the hike down to the base before 9am to visit St Catherine’s Monastery when it opens to the public. 

Check out our Egypt combo tours with Mt Sinai hiking experiences.

Sleeping on a Felucca

A trip to Egypt wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Nile River. And, if you’re happy to rough it for a few days – then a two-night sail on a Felucca boat is the way to go! 

A Felucca is a traditional wooden sailing boat without an engine or below-deck cabins. Put simply, you sleep on deck surrounded by fellow travellers, plenty of blankets and comfortable pillows. (Don’t worry, WC facilities are accessible throughout the entirety of the 2-night adventure!)

It may be vastly different from the 5 & 4-star hotels offered throughout our Egypt tours. But, with sailing comes the freedom to anchor up at an abundance of swim spots along the way and end each day on the sand banks of the Nile with a few sundowners around a fire. Dreamy! 

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