4 Reasons To Study In The UK

The UK is one of the most popular study destinations in the world for young people from abroad. One of the main reasons is its education system, which is one of the most respected in the world – a degree from a British institution allows graduates to go in many possible paths internationally.

However academic strengths aside, the UK boasts many perks and positives to enjoy beyond the lecture-hall and books. So even if you’re not of student-age, Britain is definitely somewhere you should go while you’re still young and with fewer responsibilities. And if you are a student who’s undecided about where to study, consider taking your studies overseas. Take a look at why students love the UK…


Many countries don’t have the same sense of history as the UK, whose origins can be traced back around 30,000 years ago according to historians. For instance, you’ll find that many Americans relish visiting the UK to immerse themselves in a sense of history which their country lacks somewhat, having only been discovered relatively recently by comparison. Plus with such history, there is a lot to see and do. Popular sights include Stonehenge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament to name a few. The architecture alone is a wonder to behold plus you’ll learn a lot too.

See A Lot, Quickly

Britain is quite small and very well connected in terms of public transport. This means that you can see a lot more of the country than you would if you studied in Canada or the States. This really opens up what you can get up to on your weekends and in between term time. If you don’t mind an early start in the morning, you can zip up the country on a direct train for a day (in comfort too). There are also cheap flights which may only be an hour long depending on where you’re going.

Diversity Of People

Unlike most depictions of the British as being either posh, bowler hat-wearing snobs or cockney-speaking larger louts, there is more to us than these two extremes. The UK has a rich immigration history, welcoming individuals and families from Asia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe to its shores over the last century. London and Birmingham are two of the most culturally-mixed cities in the country, but you’ll find various proud ethnic communities in most towns and cities too. This diverse population is reflected in how Britons socialise – the Indian restaurant has become a staple of most town centres! Therefore, you can expect to learn about more than just the “British culture” as it now formed of many different identities.


There is so much to do in London! One of the coolest, most metropolitan cities in the world, London offers so much, whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, a shopaholic or a music fanatic. It has excellent transport links with the rest of the country, so in theory you can have dinner, see a show, and still get home that evening (within reason). You don’t even need to have a plan for the day; you can just wander around and explore the city.

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